30+ Sizzling Bacon Puns


If you love bacon, the smell of it sizzling lights you up. You’ll love reading the funniest bacon puns that are on par with them sizzling.

Bacon with arms and legs in the air.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious bacon puns

1. You’re bacon me crazy.

2. Don’t go bacon my heart.

3. I’m bacon a pie.

4. Bacon in the sun.

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5. My favorite business would bacon-struction.

6. I’m trying to bacon-structive.

7. I saw a bunch of bacon-filled vans in the porking lot.

8. Barium, cobalt, and nitrogen make a delicious breakfast. BaCoN.

9. The opposite of take-and-bake is bacon-take.

10. The bacon monster is called Franken-swine.

11. Bacon with every meal? Pork yeah!

12. Bacon leg!

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13. You’re a bacon of hope.

14. I can bacon-cerned about it.

15. Bacon-fident and fearless.

16. You have to bacon-cious about it.

17. I like to eat bacon and watch Jurassic Pork.

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18. I’m bacon my way downtown.

19. Did you hear about the sick bacon? It was cured.

20. A bacon thief is also called a ham-burglar.

21. It’ll bacon-secutive shifts.

22. Wouldn’t that bacon-tradicting?

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23. I hope to always bacon-siderate.

24. Don’t bacon-trolling.

25. I’ll bacon-nected to Wi-Fi. So, you can text me while I’m on my trip.

26. It can bacon-figured.

27. Be kind. Don’t bacon-descending.

28. He’ll bacon-fessing in front of everyone.

29. Get out of the way or bacon-sumed.

30. You’re bacon the agreement.

31. When will my order bacon-firmed?

32. Bacon strips at the club.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.