30+ Best Cherry Puns


Cherries are one of the best fruits to eat as a snack. They’re nutritious and delicious. Read the funniest cherry puns for a good laugh.

Two cherries on a stem.
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1. I cherry-ish you.

2. You’re cherry sweet.

3. You’re cherry-ffic.

4. Thank you cherry much.

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5. It’s cherry-ble.

6. I donated money to cherry-ty.

7. I can help you cherry the boxes.

8. Tom and Cherry.

9. The cherry knew something was going to happen. It felt it in its pit.

10. I was cherry-fied.

11. That was out of cherry-cter.

12. I have an interest in ar-cherry.

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13. She’s into wit-cherry.

14. Cherry Christmas.

15. Will you cherry me?

16. That’s the cherry sat on.

17. I have to get sur-cherry.

18. I’m going to the gro-cherry store.

19. It was a myst-cherry.

20. The room had wonderful ima-cherry.

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21. For-cherry is not allowed in writing.

22. It had a gin-cherry taste.

23. You’re a cherry person.

24. He had great cherry-sma.

25. She rode on a cherry-ot.

26. Cherry-osity encourages learning.

27. He was living vi-cherry-ously through his son.

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28. I saw a cherry-bou in the forest.

29. The story about cherries was pit-iful.

30. Con-cherry to popular belief.

31. My kids started elemen-cherry school.

32. It had no mon-cherry value.

33. You’re a cherry-ful person.

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