45+ Best Snake Puns You’ll Find Hiss-terical


Snakes are long, limbless reptiles. Some find them creepy, while others love them. Regardless, you’ll love reading funny snake puns.

Snake with its tongue out.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Funny snake puns

1. You’re making hiss-tory.

2. Let’s get snake-d.

3. I’ll have a snake.

4. A snake that knows math is a pi-thon.

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5. It’s time to cobra.

6. Is this hers or hiss?

7. Snakes can rap because they’re rap-tiles.

8. Boa and arrow.

9. If it’s raining, use your window vipers.

10. I love my mamba.

11. You look great with a boa-tie.

12. Snake puns are hiss-terical.

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13. When you cross a plane and a snake, you get a Boeing constrictor.

14. Sometimes, it’s a hit or hiss.

15. Let’s go boa-ling.

16. A goodnight hiss.

17. Let’s do the Mamba.

18. A snake’s favorite car is an ana-Honda.

19. There are two birds that I like. An eagle anaconda-r.

20. Snakes can weigh themselves because they have their own scales.

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21. An important English snake is known as Sir Pent.

22. Snakes are viper-active.

23. I’m Taipan instead of writing.

24. It doesn’t hurt to Asp.

25. It m-adders to me.

26. Garter with all your might.

27. She did it adder expense.

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28. She’s tough. Nothing will rattler.

29. Snakes are measured in inches because they don’t have feet.

30. Don’t throw a hissy fit.

31. It asp to be this way.

32. You can asp me for help anytime.

33. Adder to the group.

34. Give a sick snake Asp-irin.

35. A snake walks into a bar. The bartender asked, “how did you do that?”

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36. Snakes aren’t scary because they’re armless.

37. It was sealed with a hiss.

38. You have a boa-ger sticking out of your nose.

39. The snake wanted its diamondback.

40. He looked at her with adder-ation.

41. Asp for us, we’re going.

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42. Snakes are hard to trick because they don’t have legs to pull.

43. A snake that bakes is a pie-thon.

44. I love talking to hiss-torians.

45. Don’t hiss me off.

46. I’m boa-red.

47. William Snakes-pheare.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.