40+ Best Sandwich Puns


Sandwiches are delicious, versatile, and easy to make. While you’re making or eating one, read the funniest sandwich puns.

Sandwich on a plate.
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Hilarious sandwich puns

1. I ate my sandwich in the elevator to take lunch to the next level.

2. The most curious sandwich is made with wonder bread.

3. Say double cheese!

4. You’re great in bread.

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5. You’re making me melt.

6. When the sandwich walked into the bar, the bartender said, “we don’t serve food.”

7. I had a mean sandwich. It tasted average.

8. Golfers always pack a sand-wedge.

9. I loaf this sandwich.

10. Lettuce eat this sandwich.

11. I don’t carrot all if you add tomatoes to it.

12. Pilots prefer plane sandwiches.

13. If you’re making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, don’t use traffic jam.

14. I’d tell you a joke about putting mayo on your sandwich, but you might spread it.

15. Silence of the Ham.

16. The sandwich knew it was toast.

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17. Aioli want cheddar. No swiss.

18. The best meal at the beach is a sand-wich.

19. If you put a sandwich under water, it becomes a sub sandwich.

20. The tomato turned red because it saw the sandwich dressing.

21. I sub-pose.

22. That sandwich looks loaf-ly.

23. My sandwich is jam-packed.

24. The sandwich came just in thyme.

25. It barley made it.

26. No matter how you slice it, it’s a sandwich.

27. I was born and bread in the town of Sandwich.

28. We’re on a roll.

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29. What a great roll-model.

30. A pun sandwich is a pun-ini.

31. A philosopher’s favorite sandwich is a Philly-osophy.

32. Astronauts put launch meat on their sandwiches.

33. I’m bready to eat my sandwich.

34. I eat sandwiches every day. It’s the same meal a-grain and a-grain.

35. Wheat’s for lunch?

36. It was a breach of crust.

37. Butter late than never.

38. It’s no big dill.

39. My sandwich got stuck. It was caught in a pickle.

40. This was a mi-steak.

41. This sandwich meats olive my egg-spectations.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.