150+ Hilarious Coffee Puns


Enhance your coffee experience with humor. Read the funniest coffee puns that’ll make you laugh with each sip. It’s the best way to start your day.

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What’s more delightful than a cup of coffee? Nothing. It’s delicious, comforting, energizing, and aromatic. No wonder it’s one of the most popular drinks.

The only way to improve it is to add humor. Wit and caffeine go well together. So, read coffee puns that’ll provoke laughter and bring a smile to your face.

Coffee puns

1. Just brew it.

2. It’s bean a great day.

3. I’ll give it my best shot.

4. I have a latte to do today.

5. Who’s coffee-ng?

6. No matter how successful you become, stay grounded.

7. A sad espresso is a depresso.

8. That’s doppio!

9. Affogato go to the post office this morning.

10. Better latte than never.

11. Where have you bean?

12. I like big mugs and I cannot lie.

13. Rise and grind.

14. My favorite exercise is the French press.

15. To bean or not to bean?

16. You’re under a-roast.

17. I made this espresso-ly for you.

18. I’ve had bean-ough.

19. That was brew-tal.

20. Alright, kettle down.

21. I whip my cream back and forth.

22. Don’t worry, be frappe.

Frappe graphic.
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23. Sip happens.

24. I think I’ve bean to this coffee shop before. I’m getting deja brew.

25. That was a pour choice.

26. I didn’t choose the mug life. The mug life chose me.

27. Sorry, affogato name.

28. I don’t give a frappe.

29. Java great day!

30. That’s un-bean-lievable.

31. You look brew-tiful today.

32. I love you a latte.

33. I want to espresso much you bean to me.

34. You mocha me happy.

35. We’re the perfect blend.

36. I’ll always make room for you.

37. You mean a latte me.

38. You’re steaming hot!

39. Mugs and kisses.

40. My heart beats faster because of brew.

41. I have coffee-lings for you.

42. Let’s mocha love.

43. I’d brew anything for you.

44. I’ll be with brew until the bitter end.

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45. You’re fa-brew-lous.

46. Brew are the best!

47. You’ve bean amazing. Thank you!

48. Thanks a latte.

49. I can’t espresso my gratitude enough.

50. You’re mug-nificent.

51. Thank brew so much.

Pour-over coffee brewing.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

52. Bean-ormous thanks.

53. It takes a latte to be here. So, thank you.

Coffee jokes

1. Why did the coffee go to the gym? To get stronger.

2. What’s a barista’s favorite song? This Is How We Brew It.

3. What’s a coffee’s favorite dice game? Fraps.

Coffee in a mug.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. What’s an espresso bean’s favorite Led Zeppelin song? Whole Latte Love.

5. What did the coffee bean say to the grinder? You keep me grounded.

6. Why did coffee break up with sugar? It found someone sweeter.

7. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.

8. What did the coffee bean say to its Valentine? Words cannot espresso much you bean to me.

9. What are the colors of the coffee flag? Red, white, and brew.

10. What does a gossipping espresso machine do? Spill the beans.

11. Why did the coffee bean file a lawsuit? It had grounds for complaint.

12. What did the coffee maker say to the bean? I love brew.

13. What type of pants do coffee beans wear? Cappu-chinos.

14. What’s a coffee bean’s favorite song by The Beatles? Latte Be.

15. Why do coffee makers look better on social media? They use filters.

16. Why’s the coffee so quiet? It has a latte on its mind.

17. What did the rapper say after drinking two shots of espresso? That’s doppio.

18. What happened after the two espresso beans met? The ristretto is history.

19. What kind of coffee comes from a cow? De-calf.

Coffee mug.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

20. What happens to a coffee bean after it falls? It gets a brews.

21. How does Moses make his coffee? Hebrews it.

22. Why did the customer get upset about their coffee order? It took lungo than expected.

23. Why did the coffee shop close early? A storm was brewing.

24. What’s coffee’s cousin’s name? Sneezy.

25. How’s divorce like coffee? It’s expensive and bitter.

26. What did the mug say to the espresso machine? Hit me with your best shot.

27. What do you call a coffee bean that keeps delaying? A pro-caffeine-ator.

28. Where do birds get coffee? The Nest-café.

29. What do coffee and teenagers have in common? They keep getting grounded.

30. What’s the difference between coffee and your opinion? I asked for coffee.

31. How did the hipster burn their tongue? They drank their coffee before it was cool.

32. What did Harry Potter say after drinking coffee? Espresso Patronum.

33. What’s a coffee bean’s favorite Christmas movie? The Polar Espresso.

Coffee bean.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

34. What do you call two coffee mugs next to each other? A cup-le.

35. How many coffee beans does it take to change a light bulb? A latte.

36. What did the shellfish order at the coffee shop? A crab-ucinno.

Funny coffee shop names

Coffee shop names don’t need to be serious. Lighten up like a blonde roast and give your coffee shop a funny name.

The following is a creative and entertaining list of name ideas. Every time someone walks through your doors, they’ll get a shot of espresso and laughter.

1. Deja Brew

2. Beany Shop

3. Grounds Coffee

4. Bean there, drank that

5. Brewhaha

6. Java the Hutt

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7. Steamy Beans

8. Hand Grown, Hand Ground

9. Bean Counters

10. Central Perk

11. The Local Bean

12. Latte Latte Da

13. Grindin’ Beans Cafe

14. Bean Dreaming

15. New Day, New Brew

16. The Busy Bean

17. Latte Love Cafe

18. Code Brew

19. Cool Story, Brew

20. Brewed Awakening

21. Sweet Beans

22. The Roast Office

23. Deathpresso

24. Pour (over) decisions

25. Brew Thang

26. Not Your Momma’s Brew

27. Perkatory

28. Running Late Café

29. Espresso Yourself

30. Twin Perks

Funny names for your cup of coffee

Joe is a classic name for coffee. While it’s a good one, there are many other hilarious options.

Give your cup of coffee a nickname to make it more amusing. It’s also an excellent way to give a humorous title to a unique coffee concoction.

The following are the funniest coffee names.

1. Bean Affleck

2. Beanyonce

3. Al Cappuccino

4. Beaniffer Lopez

5. Tom Brewse

6. Brewce Lee

7. Brew Barrymore

8. Orlungo Bloom

9. Scarlatte Johansson

10. Ian Mochallen

11. Brewce Willis

12. Bean Stiller

13. Antonio Bander-espresso

14. Ariana Ground-e

15. Lady Java

16. Dirt

17. Mud

18. C8H10N4O2 (Molecular formula for caffeine)

19. Wakey

20. Ink

21. Buzz Aldrin

22. Bean Juice

23. Javawockeez

24. Black Gold

25. Bean Water

26. Mochan Freeman

27. Brewno Mars

28. Brewtal

29. Brewski

30. Brewster

31. Mochal Jordan

32. David Cupperfield

Final thoughts

After stirring up a laugh, which pun or joke was your favorite? Coffee puns are an excellent way to perk up your day. They add a shot of humor to your daily grind. Tell them to others to spill the beans and spread laughter. Have a brew-tiful day ahead.

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