85 Funny Coffee Puns You’ll Love a Latte


Read brew-tifully crafted coffee puns for a latte laughs about your favorite drink or while you’re sipping on one.

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If you’re a coffee-lover, coffee puns are right up your alley or cafe.

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Wit and caffeine make an excellent pair.

Also, coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. So, keep the puns to yourself or share them with others.

Funny coffee puns

1. Just brew it.

2. It’s bean a great day.

3. I’ll give it my best shot.

4. I have a latte to do today.

5. Who’s coffee-ng?

6. No matter how successful you become, stay grounded.

7. A sad espresso is a depresso.

8. That’s doppio!

9. Affogato go to the post office this morning.

10. Better latte than never.

11. Where have you bean?

12. I like big mugs and I cannot lie.

13. Rise and grind.

14. My favorite exercise is the French press.

15. To bean or not to bean?

16. You’re under a-roast.

17. I made this espresso-ly for you.

18. I’ve had bean-ough.

19. That was brew-tal.

20. Alright, kettle down.

21. I whip my cream back and forth.

22. Don’t worry, be frappe.

Frappe graphic.
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23. Sip happens.

24. I think I’ve bean to this coffee shop before. I’m getting deja brew.

25. That was a pour choice.

26. I didn’t choose the mug life. The mug life chose me.

27. Sorry, affogato name.

28. I don’t give a frappe.

29. Java great day!

30. That’s un-bean-lievable.

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Coffee puns about love, romance, and affection

1. You look brew-tiful today.

2. I love you a latte.

3. I want to espresso much you bean to me.

4. You mocha me happy.

5. We’re the perfect blend.

6. I’ll always make room for you.

7. You mean a latte me.

8. You’re steaming hot!

9. Mugs and kisses.

10. My heart beats faster because of brew.

11. I have coffee-lings for you.

12. Let’s mocha love.

13. I’d brew anything for you.

14. I’ll be with brew until the bitter end.

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Appreciation coffee puns to say thank you

1. You’re fa-brew-lous.

2. Brew are the best!

3. You’ve bean amazing. Thank you!

4. Thanks a latte.

5. I can’t espresso my gratitude enough.

6. You’re mug-nificent.

7. Thank brew so much.

Pour-over coffee brewing.
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8. Bean-ormous thanks.

9. It takes a latte to be here. So, thank you.

Coffee shop name puns

1. Deja Brew

2. Beany Shop

3. Grounds Coffee

4. Bean there, drank that

5. Brewhaha

6. Java the Hutt

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7. Steamy Beans

8. Hand Grown, Hand Ground

9. Bean Counters

10. Central Perk

11. The Local Bean

12. Latte Latte Da

13. Grindin’ Beans Cafe

14. Bean Dreaming

15. New Day, New Brew

16. The Busy Bean

17. Latte Love Cafe

Coffee pun names

1. Bean Affleck

2. Bean-yonce

3. Al Cappuccino

4. Bean-iffer Lopez

5. Tom Brew-se

6. Brew-ce Lee

7. Brew Barrymore

8. Or-lungo Bloom

9. Scar-latte Johansson

10. Ian Mocha-llen

11. Brew-ce Willis

12. Bean Stiller

13. Antonio Bander-espresso

14. Ariana Ground-e

15. Lady Java

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