55+ Hilarious Paint Puns


Painting is a visual art form where you apply pigments to a surface. Read the best paint puns for a laugh the next time you see them or create one.

Paint palette and brush.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Painting, as an art form, has a rich and diverse history. It dates back to the beginning of humanity.

Art paintings are essential for history, innovation, and expression. The surfaces for it range from caves to canvasses.

Whether you’re an artist or visiting a gallery, read the following paint puns for a good laugh.

Funny paint puns

1. No paint, no gain.

2. Paint no mountain higher.

3. A painter’s favorite cappella group is Paint-atonix.

Painter holding a palette and brush.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. There was paint-up frustration in the community.

5. You’re a de-paint-able person. I can always count on you.

6. If it paint broke, don’t fix it.

7. When it’s cold, artists wear a coat of paint.

8. It de-paints.

9. The paint said to the other, “I blue it.”

10. Painters buy rings from Paint-ora.

11. A painter’s favorite film series is The Ex-paint-ables.

12. The paint-ulum swings back and forth.

13. Paint nobody got time for that.

Five paint tubes.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

14. I am an inde-paint-ent person.

15. The country is celebrating its inde-paint-ence.

16. The painter felt pain in their ap-paint-ix.

17. The paint-emic spread across the world.

18. It’s not for the paint of heart.

19. It was hidden in paint sight.

20. I have no com-paints.

21. The defendant and the paint-iff.

22. The painter s-paint all their money on supplies.

23. They gave warnings of im-painting doom.

24. They re-paint for what they did.

25. The painter got a job to get a paint-sion.

26. The painter went out of business because their ex-paint-ses were too high.

27. I wore a paint-ant hung by a gold chain.

28. A painter’s favorite shape is a paint-agon.

29. They’re indis-paint-sable to the team.

30. Liar, liar, paints on fire.

31. Famous artworks can be ex-paint-sive.

32. The wealthy artist lives in a paint-house.

Painter painting on a canvas.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

33. Artists wear sus-painters instead of belts.

34. My day job is car-paint-ry, and art is my hobby.

35. The brewery charges by the paint.

36. Artists prefer paint-o over black beans.

37. I live on a paint-ninsula.

38. An artist’s favorite animal is a paint-her.

39. Artists get ideas from Paint-erest.

40. Paint-emonium broke out.

41. Paint is free when it’s on the house.

42. The artist was sprinting because their paint was running.

43. A painter’s favorite song is Paint No Sunshine.

Painting supplies and terms puns

1. When painters receive negative feedback, they brush it off.

2. The painter uses eco-blend-ly supplies.

3. Take your time. No brush.

4. After it’s all said and tone.

5. Painters like to blend the rules.

Paint palette and tools.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

6. The artist works well under brush-er.

7. Take it easel.

8. I can paint that easel-y.

9. I need to wake up oil-y to paint.

10. A painter’s favorite element is palette-ium.

11. There was con-tray-versy around the painting.

12. The paint went to therapy because it had too many emotional layers.

13. When the paint factory had a fire, it was a real brush with death.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.