35+ Hilarious Bus Jokes to Make Your Wheels Roll With Laughter


Buses are forms of transportation that carry a larger group of people. Read hilarious bus jokes for a laugh the next time you see or ride one.

School bus.
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Buses are an excellent form of transportation. They’re efficient, affordable, and help cut down traffic.

The first bus in America dates back to 1827. It began along Broadway in New York.

Today, there are different types of buses. Some are for the public, while others are for schools and private companies.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following bus jokes. Then, tell the jokes to others to spread laughter.

The funniest bus jokes

1. How do ghosts get to school?

They ride the ghoul bus.

2. Why shouldn’t you run in front of a bus?

You’ll get tired.

3. Why shouldn’t you run behind a bus?

You’ll get exhausted.

4. Why didn’t anyone take the school bus to school?

It wouldn’t fit through the doors.

5. What kind of bus can sail across an ocean?

A Columbus.

6. Why was the bus driver sad?

Everyone was talking behind their back.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. What did the bus driver say to the frog?

Hop on.

8. How does a mollusk get to school?

It rides the octo-bus.

9. What do you call a self-driving bus?


10. Why did the bus use fuel made from herbs?

To make sure it’s on thyme.

11. What’s yellow and can’t swim?

A school bus.

12. What do dragons call a bus full of people?

Meals on wheels.

13. Why did the bat miss the bus?

It hung around for too long.

14. How do bees get to work?

They take the buzz.

15. Which job will fire you for going the extra mile?

A bus driver.

16. Why did the bus stop?

To let the passengers off.

17. Where do buses wait for students?

On cam-bus.

18. What’s a bus driver’s favorite instrument?

A bus-soon.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

19. What are a bus driver’s two favorite sports?

Bus-ball and bus-ketball.

20. What kind of rice do bus drivers eat?

Bus-mati rice.

21. Where do bus companies save important information?

In a data-bus.

22. What do you call a person who promotes buses?

An am-bus-sador.

23. What do you call a bus concept that’ll never happen?


24. What’s the most important part of an electric bus?

The conductor.

25. What do you call a bus without unique features?


26. Where do bus drivers go on vacation?

Bus-ton, Massachusetts.

27. What do you get when you cross a bus with a Greek god?


28. Where do bus drivers love to get ice cream?


Front of a school bus.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

29. How do elves get to school?

They ride the minibus.

30. What’s a superhero’s favorite bus?

Bus Lightyear.

31. What do you call bus drivers that enjoy hanging out?

Bus friends.

32. What did the bus driver eat for breakfast?

A bus-cuit.

33. What do you say to a bus driver after they retire?

Bus wishes.

School bus.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

34. What’s a bus driver’s favorite shape?

A rhom-bus.

35. What do you get the first time you ride a bus?

A sylla-bus.

36. Why did the bus driver take time off?

To find their pur-bus.

37. Where do crabs wait for buses?

At the bus-tacean.

38. How do skeletons get to school?

They take the skull bus.

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