72 Greek Mythology Trivia Questions and Answers (Gods & Goddesses)


Greek mythology dates back thousands of years. If you love learning about gods and goddesses, test yourself with Greek mythology trivia.

Greek god and goddess.
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Hercules, Medusa, and Zeus are names most people recognize. Each is a part of Greek mythology.

Many myths are seen as true accounts by the ancient Greeks.

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The purpose was to explain human existence and why life is the way it is.

If you call yourself a Greek mythology fanatic or know someone who is, check out the following Greek mythology trivia.

You’ll have the answers along with the questions.

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Greek mythology trivia

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Question: Who is the king of the gods?

Answer: Zeus.

Question: Who is the goddess of beauty and love?

Answer: Aphrodite.

Question: Who is the queen of the gods?

Answer: Hera.

Question: Who is the god of the sea?

Answer: Poseidon.

Question: What was the weak spot of Achilles?

Answer: His heel.

Question: Who was the leader of the Argonauts?

Answer: Jason.

Question: Who was the nymph Apollo chased?

Answer: Daphne.

Question: What did Prometheus gift to humanity?

Answer: Fire

Question: Who flew too close to the sun?

Answer: Icarus.

Question: Who was the goddess of the rainbow?

Answer: Iris.

Question: How many Greek gods lived on Mount Olympus?

Answer: 12.

Question: Who was the Greek goddess of Earth?

Answer: Gaia.

Question: Who was the first human woman created by the Greek gods?

Answer: Pandora.

Question: Which Greek goddess had snakes for hair?

Answer: Medusa.

Question: How long did it take Odysseus to get home from the Trojan War?

Answer: 10 years.

Question: What monster did Theseus slay?

Answer: The Minotaur.

Question: Who were the parents of all Titans?

Answer: Gaea and Uranus.

Question: Who designed the labyrinth for King Minos?

Answer: Daedalus.

Question: Which Greek god formed dreams?

Answer: Morpheus.

Question: What’s the staff carried by Hermes called?

Answer: Caduceus.

Question: Who was the Greek goddess of memory?

Answer: Mnemosyne.

Question: What was Demeter the god of?

Answer: Agriculture, grains, and bread.

Question: Who was the Greek goddess of victory?

Answer: Nike.

Question: Which goddess is Apollo’s twin sister?

Answer: Artemis.

Question: What punishment did Zeus give Sisyphus for cheating death?

Answer: Sisyphus had to roll a boulder up a hill. Every time he neared the top, it would roll down. He repeats this for eternity.

Question: What was the name of the horse Bellerophon rode?

Answer: Pegasus.

Question: Who was the Greek god of the underworld?

Answer: Hades.

Question: Who was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war?

Answer: Athena.

Question: How many times did Hercules defeat Ares?

Answer: Twice.

Question: Who was the god of blacksmiths and fire?

Answer: Hephaestus.

Question: Whose sacred animal is the quail?

Answer: Asteria.

Question: Who was the goddess of music and dance?

Answer: Mousai.

Question: Which Greek god rode a panther?

Answer: Dionysus.

Question: Who held up the sky?

Answer: Atlas.

Question: How did Perseus kill Medusa without looking at her?

Answer: Perseus found Medusa by her reflection through his shield. Then, he beheaded her.

Question: Who was the Greek god of sleep?

Answer: Hypnos.

Question: Who was the Greek counterpart of Cupid?

Answer: Eros.

Question: How many heads did the ant-eating serpent Amphisbaena have?

Answer: Two.

Question: What’s a siren in Greek mythology?

Answer: A creature that’s half bird and half woman who lured sailors by her song.

Question: What’s a Harpy in Greek mythology?

Answer: A mythical creature that’s half human and half bird. They were sudden and sharp gusts of wind.

Question: Who was placed among the stars as the constellation Aquarius?

Answer: Ganymedes.

Question: What was a female monster with the lion’s body, eagle’s wings, and woman’s head and breasts?

Answer: The Sphinx.

Question: Who was the goddess of the dawn?

Answer: Eos.

Question: Who was the first wife of Zeus?

Answer: Metis.

Question: Who was the king of Pherae in the region of Thessaly and son of Pheres.

Answer: Admetus.

Question: Which Trojan prince was considered the greatest warrior of Troy?

Answer: Hector.

Question: Which of Poseidon’s sons became the demigod of the sea?

Answer: Triton.

Question: Which Greek monster had 12 tentacles and six heads?

Answer: Scylla

Question: Who did Zeus put in an eternal sleep?

Answer: Endymion.

Question: Who helped Theseus escape the Labyrinth?

Answer: Ariadne.

Question: Who was the god of questioning and the inquisitive mind?

Answer: Coeus.

Question: Who cut out Philomela’s tongue?

Answer: Tereus.

Question: Who understood the language of animals?

Answer: Melampus.

Question: Who did the Isthmian Games honor?

Answer: Poseidon.

Question: Who built the Trojan Horse?

Answer: Epeius.

Question: Who was the goddess of magic and ghosts?

Answer: Hecate.

Question: Which two people did the Greek gods save from the flood?

Answer: Deucalion and Pyrrha.

Question: Who wished that everything he touched would turn into gold?

Answer: King Midas.

Question: What caused the death of Aegeus?

Answer: He drowned himself after mistakenly believing his son was dead.

Question: Who gave Athens its name?

Answer: Cecrops.

Question: Who did Hades abduct?

Answer: Persephone.

Question: What are the Moirai?

Answer: The three sisters of fate.

Question: How man goddesses were in the Kharites?

Answer: Three.

Question: Who was the Titan goddess of divine law and order?

Answer: Themis.

Question: Who was the Greek god of wine-making and drunkenness?

Answer: Silenus.

Question: Who fell in love with a statue he carved?

Answer: Pygmalion.

Question: Who was the Greek god of medicine?

Answer: Asclepius.

Question: Which Greek goddess helped Troy in the Trojan War?

Answer: Penthesilea.

Question: Who fell in love with his reflection?

Answer: Narcissus.

Question: How many heads did Cerberus, the watchdog for the underworld, have?

Answer: Three.

Question: Who was the Greek goddess of chance?

Answer: Tyche.

Question: How many dragon heads did Typhon have?

Answer: 100.

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