25+ Funny Twin Jokes for Identical Laughs


Most twins are fraternal or identical. They grow up with a special bond. Whether you are or know one, read funny twin jokes for a good laugh.

Female twin children.
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Twins are two offspring coming from one pregnancy.

It’s beautiful and rare, as 3.12% of all live births are twins.

Their bond is also fantastic. Many twins invent a language and create a deep connection.

They also have a lot of fun together and share inside jokes.

The following twin jokes are hilarious and relatable. Whether you’re a twin or not, you’ll have a good laugh.

Hilarious twin jokes

1. What do drummers name their twins?

Anna 1, Anna 2.

Person playing the drums.
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2. Which fruit do twins love the most?


3. What does a computer scientist name their twins?

Copy and Paste.

4. When’s a search engine optimization specialist happy with duplicate content?

When they have twins.

5. Where do twins love to go for vacation?


6. Why do you need to tell identical twins the entire joke?

It’s hard to tell them a part.

7. Why does Spiderman hate driving with his evil twin?

He’s a bad parallel Parker.

8. Juan and Amal are identical twins. Why did their mom only carry a photo of Juan?

If you’ve seen Juan, you’ve seen Amal.

Twin joke about Juan and Amal.
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9. Why do biologists name their twins?

Jessica and Control.

10. What do you call twin cats?


11. What did the Mexican firefighter name their twin boys?

José and Hose B.

12. Why did the twin elephants leave the beach?

They only had a pair of trunks.

13. What did the printer repair person call their twins?


14. How did the twin feel after meeting his long-lost brother?

He was beside himself.

Twin brothers.
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15. What do you call identical twins that choose a life of crime?

Cell mates.

16. What’s a twin’s favorite bird?

A pair-rot.

17. What’s a twin’s favorite song?

All I Do Is Twin by DJ Khaled.

18. If I have twin daughters, I’d name one Kate.

The other would be DupliKate.

19. Why does one twin take the escalator while the other takes the elevator?

They were raised differently.

20. What do people call Michael Bublé’s twin brother?

Michael Dublé.

21. Jay wanted to name his twin daughters after him. What did he name them?

Kaye and Elle.

22. Did you hear about Lucky Charms leprechaun’s evil twin?

He’s tragically malicious.

Leprechaun hat.
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23. What do you call your dad’s brother if they were conjoined twins?

An uncle on your dad’s side.

24. What do you say to encourage a twin?

Keep your twin up.

25. Why are there so many twins in Minneapolis?

It’s the Twin City.

26. Which app do twins use for dating?


27. What do parents say after raising twins?

Twin there, done that.

28. In which season is the most twins born?


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