75+ Hilarious Rice Puns to Make You Laugh


Rice is a grain that people eat around the world. There are different types and ways to cook it. Next time you eat it, remember funny rice puns.

Bowl of rice.
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Rice dates back tens of thousands of years.

As the world’s largest food crop, many people eat rice as a staple in their diet.

You can eat it as a side, in sushi, or in risotto. There are many types of rice and ways to use it.

The following are the best rice puns to make you laugh the next time you see or eat it.

Funny rice puns

1. Rice, rice baby.

2. It’s rice to meet you.

3. Rice and shine.

Grains of rice.
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4. Rice see you.

5. I’m traveling to Rice-land this year.

6. My favorite rapper is Rice Cube.

7. We all have out rices.

8. Roll the rice.

9. My son wants to become a rice-car driver.

10. We treat everyone equally. Don’t be rice-ist.

11. It’s a small rice to pay.

12. The phone company released a new dev-rice.

13. I saw rice-bergs on a cruise to Alaska.

14. We’re throwing my friend a surp-rice birthday party.

15. The ghost of a grain of rice is a polterg-rice.

16. There are two solst-rices each year.

17. I need to renew my driver’s rice-nse.

18. Sometimes, you need to make sacrif-rices.

19. We’ve come to a rice-olution.

20. Rice to the occasion.

21. Everything is going to be al-rice.

22. You’re so mesme-rice-ing.

Bowl of rice with chopsticks.
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23. I love watching the sun-rice.

24. The judge said, “All rice.”

25. It was a magnif-rice-nt view.

26. I love trying new rice-taurants.

27. Rice motivates each other by saying, “No pain, no grain.”

28. She wants to broaden her ho-rice-ns.

29. I’m a part of the rice-cue team.

30. You’re such a rice-ilient person.

31. Things didn’t go as planned. I had to impro-rice.

Bowl of rice.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

32. You’re becoming old and rice.

33. There was relief during the c-rice-s.

34. Be a solution-seeker when problems a-rice.

35. The team p-rice-d her for a job well done.

36. I’m here to give you adv-rice.

37. The collector’s vehicle was in p-rice-tine condition.

38. You have to consider the rice before starting a business.

39. Keep your eyes on the p-rice.

40. No more Mr. Rice guy.

41. She got engaged in Pa-rice, France.

42. My favorite form of exercise is a b-rice-k walk.

43. Let’s play f-rice-bee.

44. The chips were c-rice-py.

45. The Sydney Opera House is a popular tou-rice attraction.

46. The bank required a home app-rice-al.

47. The baked good comp-rice-d of ten ingredients.

48. This is so futu-rice-tic.

49. She’s an a-rice-tocrat.

50. We’re starting a new enterp-rice.

51. You’re a cha-rice-matic person.

52. For Ch-rice sake!

53. They had no ju-rice-diction over the case.

Bowl of rice and herbs.
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54. You’ve have all the right characte-rice-tics.

55. I’m attending a fund-rice-r.

56. Focus on the process, not the rice-ults.

57. I’m spending the weekend at a rice-ort.

58. You may rice-ume.

59. I’m going to rice-ign from my job.

60. It’s okay to exp-rice your emotions.

61. That’s so inte-rice-ting.

62. I’m writing a rice-arch report.

63. Be rice-ourceful.

64. I rice-pect you.

65. Thanks for all the p-rice-nts.

66. There are no rice-trictions.

67. We’re working to p-rice-rve the trees.

68. She works for the U.S. Cong-rice.

69. You have a lot of rice-bonsibilities.

70. I have dig-rice-d from my original plan.

71. He’s an excellent cor-rice-pondent.

Rice puns based on the type

1. Arborio with the details. I’ll keep it short.

2. White until the end of the movie.

3. Pilaf the sticker.

Plate of pilaf.
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4. Calrose to the occasion.

5. I got a new bomba jacket.

6. Stay for a wild.

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