150+ Funny Herb Puns to Make You Laugh


Herbs are plants aside from vegetables that offer micronutrients, aroma, and flavor. Next time you see or eat one, remember funny herb puns.

Thyme plant.
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Basil, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, thyme, and parsley. They’re some of the top herbs you may have in your kitchen.

You can use herbs to garnish meals and add flavor, aroma, or micronutrients.

While you can buy them at the store, they’re also easy to grow at home.

Regardless of how you get them, read the following herb puns for a laugh.

The best herb puns

1. I’ve herb about that before.

2. I herb-solutely love herb puns.

3. I live in an herb-an area.

Herbs on a stem.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. He wore a t-herb-an.

5. There was t-herb-ulance during the flight.

6. I bay leaf in you.

7. We’re mint to be.

8. Chive got my eye on you.

9. This is a big dill.

10. You can cumin.

11. It’s thyme to go.

12. Things get better with sage.

13. Here today. Tarragon tomorrow.

14. It’s a peaceful herb-itat.

15. An herb’s favorite singer is Elvis Parsley.

16. You’re sup-herb.

17. The book gives what the bl-herb describes.

18. The farmer was arrested for em-basil-ment.

19. The sad herb could use some encourage-mint.

20. Sage-ing is a part of life.

21. Set a thyme-r.

22. You’re so dill-iberate.

23. An herb from Star Wars is Herb-i Wan Oregano-bi.

24. You’re so ro-mint-ic.

25. Wow, great thyme-ing.

26. I’m waiting for a dill-ivery.

27. Just chive your best.

28. I’m waiting for a ship-mint.

29. I need to thyme-y shoes.

30. That’s a mo-dill herb.

31. I herb you the first thyme.

32. What’s the sage-nda?

33. I love snacking on clemen-thymes.

34. A fake herb is a tarra-con.

35. I didn’t see that cumin.

36. They were kicked to the c-herb.

37. We had to push back the thyme-line.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. We’re building ging-herb-read houses.

39. I ov-herb-aid for the plants.

40. I’m focusing on my mint-al health.

41. Bread is high in c-herb-ohydrates.

42. They’re the marjoram-ty.

43. They were ada-mint about it.

44. Thistle be the last time.

45. My company is ref-herb-ishing the lobby.

46. It has senti-mint-al value.

47. I’m working for a new sage-ncy.

48. Kava me.

49. Aloe, it’s me.

50. Our team made it to the Fennels.

51. The celebrity made a guest herb-pearance.

52. An herb’s favorite car is a Chevrolet Sub-herb-an.

53. I appreciate the compli-mint.

54. Dill-ute it with water.

55. I’m fennel-izing a date.

56. In court, there’s a bay leaf.

57. My friend has a gardening ent-herb-prise.

58. The artwork is a mast-herb-piece.

59. This item is the cent-herb-piece.

60. The new car as a t-herb-o.

61. Young herbs go to ele-mint-ary school.

62. There was a dill-ay.

63. Bay, leaf it to me.

64. The fabric is weat-herb-proof.

65. It’s an herb-itrary number.

66. It’s in the docu-mint.

67. This meal is dill-icious.

Dill herb.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

68. Construction companies use ex-kava-tors.

69. I’m sorrel in a rush.

70. Is tarragon-dola we can ride?

71. I’m looking for an int-herb-rator.

72. I have an announce-mint.

73. What a dill-ight.

74. This is your fennel warning.

75. Rosemary me?

76. You des-herb better.

77. I’ll res-herb a table for us.

78. There’s a res-herb-voir nearby.

79. You’re p-herb-fect!

80. We’re trying to cons-herb energy.

81. Plants herb-sorb water from the soil.

82. The garden was a big invest-mint.

83. I bay leaf I can fly.

Bay leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

84. Thank you for your dill-igence.

85. They’re making an a-mint-ment.

86. Thyme is money.

87. We have an agree-mint.

88. Pe-dill to the metal.

89. Give me a call any-thyme.

90. It’s fennel-y happening.

91. I’m moving to the sub-herbs.

92. What’s the or-dill?

93. Cats have herb-alls.

94. You’re an obs-herb-vant person.

95. Tie your hair with a herb-and.

96. I have an int-herb-view today.

97. Herbs in the sky are herb-orne.

98. An herb’s favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Kava-liers.

99. He did a bay leaf flop.

100. Do not dist-herb.

111. It sage-ourey.

112. It’s been dill-eted.

113. My kid’s in thyme-out.

114. A-chive and well.

115. Take it herb leave it.

116. Earth is in herb-it around the sun.

117. Dill with it.

118. I owe you big-thyme.

119. We’re flying on Dill-ta Airlines.

120. I saw herb-mit crabs at the beach.

121. I’m learning how to scuba chive.

122. You’re sage a great friend.

123. Live for the mo-mint.

Mint leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

124. My kid’s taking chive-r’s education.

125. I could sorrel tell.

126. Send it through the fennel.

127. I only read the ex-herb.

128. It’s rea-dill-y available.

129. You’re basil-y person.

130. They were dill-t a bad hand.

131. I got your mes-sage.

132. I tarra-can’t believe it.

133. They were bitt-herb-out the outcome.

134. If an herb plays football, it would be the quart-herb-ack or cor-herb-ack.

135. The gardener is giving away all their herbs. You can call them a cilantro-pist.

136. We have a dill-emma.

137. Don’t mint-ion it.

138. Basil and wait.

139. I’ve herb enough.

140. I’m in my ele-mint.

141. Be careful. It’s dill-icate.

142. It’s basil-y the same thing.

143. They were p-herb-lexed by the situation.

144. We made a dill.

145. I want to play an instru-mint.

146. Some styles are thyme-less.

147. I’m speaking on sage.

148. I’m not going to make a com-mint.

149. It’s parsley my fault.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

150. I met a gardener famous for their sage advice.

151. I hate when bay leaves.

152. There was a dist-herb-ance.

153. A seal’s favorite herb is ba-seal.

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