45+ Funny Squid Puns for Ink-redible Laughs


Squid have long bodies, eight arms, two tentacles, and big eyes. Whether eating or learning about them, read funny squid puns for a laugh.

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Squid swim through every ocean on Earth.

There are more than 300 species, the largest being the giant squid measuring up to 43 feet long.

Some squid live in shallow water, while others prefer the deepest parts of the ocean.

You can also eat squid. A few popular dishes include calamari and squid-ink pasta.

Next time you see or eat one, remember the following squid puns for a laugh.

Hilarious squid puns

1. Are you squid-ding me?

2. Don’t be a squid-ter.

3. You’re ink-redible.

4. I squid if I could.

5. We squid hang out sometime.

6. The favor was a squid pro quo.

7. It takes ten-tickles to make a squid laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

8. It was an ac-squid-ent.

9. The squid blushed after seeing the ocean’s bottom.

10. The horse can be squid-ish.

11. The squid had to pay a ransom after the squid-napping.

12. The squid company was ink-orporated.

13. The squid looks ink-teresting.

14. I love kraken jokes.

15. I squid you farewell.

16. It was a coin-squid-ence.

17. Con-squid-er it done.

18. My guess was ink-orrect.

19. Squids wake up at the kraken of dawn.

20. There was an in-squid-ent.

21. Let’s squid-tch places.

22. Squids only drive four-door cars, squid-ans.

23. There’s a layer of squid-iment at the bottom.

24. An inactive squid lives a squid-entary lifestyle.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

25. Thanks for being con-squid-erate.

26. The government offers a sub-squid-y.

27. It has re-squid-ual effects.

28. I’m a re-squid-ent of the building.

29. The squid’s running for pre-squid-ent.

30. It’s becoming more in-squid-ious.

31. Squid-neys are vital organs.

32. We’re renovating the squid-tchen.

33. My cat was adorable as a squid-ten.

34. You need to squid it together.

35. I enjoy playing ba-squid-ball in my free time.

Squid and basketball.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

36. You’re acting squid-tchy.

37. The squid needs no ink-troduction.

38. The number of squid are ink-reasing.

39. The squid broke up because they were ink-ompatible.

40. I’ll change jobs for more ink-ome.

41. A squid’s favorite singer is Squid Rock.

42. Squid are always ink-ouraging.

43. You look ex-squid-site.

44. Squid go into battles well-armed.

45. A squid on a horse says, “Squid-dyup.”

46. The business is li-squid-ating its inventory.

47. I ink-ountered a squid in the ocean.

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