45+ Gardening Puns You’ll Love If You Have a Green Thumb


Gardening is a fun and fulfilling activity. If you have a green thumb, you’ll find gardening puns hilarious. Be sure to share them.

Garden and gardening tools.
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Hilarious gardening puns

1. It’s thyme to go.

2. Let’s come up with a plant.

3. Botany plants recently?

4. Turnip the beet.

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5. I’m hoping for world peas.

6. I was in shears from laughing so hard.

7. I don’t want any trowel.

8. Bean there, done that.

9. Thank you so mulch.

10. I have to take a leek.

11. Oh, kale yes.

12. I love you mower and mower.

13. I don’t carrot all.

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14. Let’s celery-brate.

15. Planter kiss on the cheek.

16. Remember your roots.

17. Look towards the fuchsia.

18. Sometimes, I wet my plants.

19. I’ll visit the store to seeder options.

20. Dibble the ball.

21. My leaf blower doesn’t work. It sucks.

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22. I should’ve spade more attention.

23. Thistle be the best day ever.

24. We’re mint to be.

25. Watering can help revive your plants.

26. Just romaine calm.

27. I haven’t herb of that.

28. That’s parsley correct.

29. He’s too rough around the hedges.

30. There’s never a dill moment with you.

31. Seed between the lines.

32. Gardeners only wear one type of socks, garden hose.

33. Sage advice.

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34. My first time planting seeds, I didn’t like gardening, but it grew on me.

35. Chive been here before.

36. Just dill with it.

37. Aloe you vera much.

38. I’ll seed you tomorrow.

39. It’s starting to worm up.

40. Hoe, hoe, hoe.

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41. We make a great pear.

42. Keep on be-leaf-ing.

43. She’s a cilantro-pist.

44. I beg your garden.

45. You’ll learn through trowel and error.

46. Weed-id it!

47. The gardener quit because the celery was too low.

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