80+ Hilarious Kale Puns That’ll Kale You of Laughter


Kale is a popular vegetable for salads and smoothies. Read funny kale puns for a good laugh. Be sure to share them next time you see kale.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Whether you grow kale in your garden or get it from a grocery store, it’s a nutritious superstar.

Kale is an excellent source of many vitamins.

Next time you see or eat it, remember the following kale puns. It’ll kale you with laughter.

Funny kale puns

1. You’re kale-ing me, smalls.

Bunch of kale.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

2. Kale yeah!

3. I’m visiting Kale-ifornia.

4. Kale-lelujah!

5. Kale-ty as charged.

6. Everything will be o-kale.

7. Some foods have more kale-ories than others.

8. Give me a kale sometime.

9. When I travel, I get advice from the lo-kales.

10. Try to stay kale-m.

11. Step on the s-kale to check your weight.

12. The government uses a fis-kale year for accounting.

13. You’re a little ras-kale.

14. My favorite alcoholic beverage is mez-kale.

15. That’s the fo-kale point.

16. I’m having dinner at an ups-kale restaurant.

Kale leaf.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

17. She’s a writer of the highest kale-iber.

18. The dermatologist prescribed a topi-kale ointment.

19. An Italian dish filled with kale is a kale-zone.

20. It was an opti-kale illusion.

21. The kale movie was comi-kale.

22. I really kale about you.

23. You’re kale-n it!

24. I’m going to see a musi-kale.

25. It was the logi-kale decision.

26. The kale doctor said, “S-kale-pel.”

27. The injured kale sought medi-kale help.

28. I’m selling kale-inspired kale-nders.

29. This place is magi-kale.

30. I enjoy remote work because I don’t like my cubi-kale.

31. You’re an ethi-kale person.

32. Honey soothes your vo-kale chords.

33. The manager is excellent at handling es-kale-ations.

34. The company has a new clini-kale trial.

35. I’m working on my criti-kale thinking skills.

36. You have great analyti-kale skills.

37. I’m ready for a tropi-kale vacation.

Bunch of kale.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. I ordered fried kale-imari.

39. She’s radi-kale.

40. My favorite field of math is kale-culus.

41. Another name for the pot marigold plant is kale-ndula.

42. I’m naturally skepti-kale.

43. I enjoy classi-kale music.

44. The list is in numeri-kale order.

45. All the kale plants look identi-kale.

46. She has a whimsi-kale sense of humor.

47. They’re basi-kale-y the same thing.

48. It has a spheri-kale shape.

49. He’s a practi-kale person.

50. It’s kale-ibration time!

51. She’s fanati-kale about kale.

52. He’s not very politi-kale.

53. In techni-kale terms.

54. She did cleri-kale tasks.

55. The decision was based on histori-kale data.

56. I need a kale-culator.

57. It was the economi-kale choice.

58. They took a methodi-kale approach.

59. The car had mechani-kale issues.

60. He was their biologi-kale father.

61. One of my favorite scents is eu-kale-yptus.

62. I’m learning kale-igraphy.

63. They’re preparing for an apo-kale-ypse.

64. The leaf is symmetri-kale.

65. The lottery winner received an astronomi-kale amount of money.

66. The names are in alphabeti-kale order.

67. It’s free of chemi-kales.

68. Bodyweight exercises are also called kale-isthenics.

69. It was a hypotheti-kale situation.

Bunch of kale.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

70. I’m going to an art kale-ry.

71. Jin-kale bells.

72. The Milky Way is a kale-axy.

73. A strong wind is also called a kale.

74. The horse was kale-opping.

75. One of my favorite birds is the nightin-kale.

76. I started drinking al-kale-ine water.

77. I’m traveling to Kale-gary, Alberta.

78. Kale-way is known as the festival capital of Ireland.

79. My favorite beach in Hawaii is Kale-ua Beach.

80. One of my favorite indoor plants is a kale-athea.

81. I’m studying the work of Kale-ileo.

82. Jupiter’s second largest moon is Kale-isto.

83. I love eating kale-ato.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.