30+ Best Cake Puns


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a big cake lover, read the funniest cake puns that’ll give you tiers of laughter.

Slice of cake with a strawberry on top.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious cake puns

1. It’s a piece of cake.

2. You want a piece of me?

3. Life’s batter with cake.

4. I knead you.

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5. Cake bakes me smile.

6. Cake it easy.

7. I have a stomach-cake.

8. Elves love shortcake.

9. Losing weight is a piece of cake. Just don’t pick it up.

10. Pound cake to flatten it.

11. Don’t be afraid to take whisks.

12. Cake is batter with butter.

13. Bake it till you make it.

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14. Cake back and relax.

15. In the desert, there are cake-tus.

16. A legendary baked good in the sea is a cake-n.

17. We bake things happen.

18. Batter late than never.

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19. You cake my day.

20. I like big bundts and I cannot lie.

21. The type of cake is being surprised with new-pound cake.

22. It cakes one to know one.

23. All I knead in life is cake.

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24. In my free time, icing.

25. Say cheese-cake.

26. Slice, slice, baby.

27. As long as there’s cake. I don’t carrot all.

28. I couldn’t have said it batter myself.

29. Batter up.

30. The cake is so good that it’ll have you in tiers.

31. Do you even sift?

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.