75+ Hilarious Soy Puns to Make You Laugh Soy Hard


Soy is a legume in many foods. It’s in tofu, soy sauce, and milk. Next time you see or consume it, remember hilarious soy puns for a laugh.

Bottle of soy sauce.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Soy is native to China and dates back almost 10,000 years.

Its beans are versatile, as you can use them in food, art supplies, and fuel.

The most common uses in food are tofu, soy milk, soups, and soy sauce.

Aside from eating or using soy, you can laugh at it with puns. Read the following soy puns for a good laugh.

Funny soy puns

1. I’m soy happy to see you.

2. I’m soy into you.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

3. I’m soy-ry.

4. You’re soy amazing.

5. We’re soy-mates.

6. Soy what?

7. You look soy-phisticated.

8. You reap what you soy.

9. I love sitting on the soy-fa.

10. Soy far, soy good.

11. The song soy-nds amazing.

12. I need to buy new soy-l for my plants.

13. You’re ab-soy-lutely amazing.

14. You’re a soy-cial butterfly.

15. It’s a norm in soy-ciety.

16. There’s nothing like the holiday soy-son.

17. There’s a rea-soy-n for everything.

18. I made a few New Year’s re-soy-lutions.

19. I’m soy-re from an intense workout.

20. The female tofu went to college and stayed in a soy-rority.

21. You look hand-soy-me.

22. Let’s hang out soy-me time.

23. When I travel, I love bringing home soy-venirs.

24. I need to fill my car with ga-soy-line.

25. Soy milk must speak Spanish.

26. The island felt i-soy-lated.

Container of soy milk.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

27. That was a great compari-soy-n.

28. I’m con-soy-lidating my accounts.

29. You have a lovely per-soy-nality.

30. A soy sauce that thinks about life’s meaning is a philo-soy-pher.

31. I’m playing a guitar soy-lo.

32. I’ll soy it again.

33. I’m getting soy-lar panels for my house.

34. Never soy never.

35. I’ll soy you later.

36. I’m excited for soy-mmer vacation.

37. It happened all of a soy-dden.

38. I need to soy-bmit my assignments.

39. I’m taking a soy-vey.

40. We have a lot of extra soy-pplies.

41. I soy-rrender.

42. We will soy-vive.

43. I soy-ppose.

44. This will soy-ffice.

45. I’ll do what it takes to soy-cceed.

46. Thanks for your soy-ggestions.

47. The tofu went to the doctor to get soy-gery.

48. We have a soy-plus.

49. I’m reading a soy-mmary of the book.

50. We’re working on soy-stainability.

51. Soy-prise me.

Bottle of soy sauce.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

52. It’s all soy-nshine and rainbows.

53. It’s the soy-perior option.

54. I’m soy-spicious of them.

55. I live on a penin-soy-la.

56. It was a soy-rreal experience.

57. We have a new soy-veillance system.

58. Thank you for your soy-vice.

59. Is this nec-soy-ssary?

60. Once soy-on a time.

61. What’s your soy-diac sign?

62. The sun set over the hori-soy-n.

63. You did an ex-soy-llent job.

64. We must soy-lebrate.

65. I’m writing an es-soy.

66. I play Soy-litaire in my free time.

67. Soy-doku is one of my favorite games.

Soy sauce.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

68. Pack your soy-tcase for our road trip.

69. My favorite plants are soy-cculents.

70. We’ve reached the soy-mmit.

71. I’m going to Soy-quoia National Park.

72. I’m cooking soy-same chicken for dinner.

73. I can soy you the way.

74. You’re a soy-cker.

75. There are soy many choices.

76. I saw a soy-lebrity at the store.

77. Everything went soy-lent.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.