18 Panda Puns That Are Unbearably Funny



The giant panda originates from South Central China. They’re big and adorable. Read funny and clever panda puns.

Panda cartoon holding bamboo with a word bubble.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

1. Have a panda-stic day!

2. Don’t leave a panda alone because it has a-panda-nment issues.

3. Pandas scare each other by saying, “bam-boo!”

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4. It was panda-monium.

5. I like to wear a panda-na.

6. Aside from bamboo, pandas love to eat panda-cakes.

7. When a large group of pandas are sick, it’s a panda-mic.

8. To fry an egg, you’re supposed to use a pan-duh.

9. I’m inde-panda-nt.

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10. If you don’t need it anymore, it’s ex-panda-ble.

11. Pandas don’t wear belts because they wear sus-panda-rs.

12. That’s a cute panda-nt.

13. He’s still de-panda-nt on his parents.

14. Thanks for being de-panda-ble.

15. Wow, that was stu-panda-s.

16. A panda that loves jokes is a punda.

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17. The panda went to the doctor because its a-panda-x was hurting.

18. The restaurant has panda-ramic views.

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