10+ Best Banana Puns


Banana puns are some of the most ap-peeling types of puns. Not only are they funny, but they’ll make you go bananas.

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1. You’re quite ap-peeling.

2. I’m peeling great.

3. The banana went to the doctor because it wasn’t peeling well.

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4. A ghost banana is known as a boo-nana.

5. When you mix a dog and a banana, you get a pugnana.

6. I peel the burn when I work out on my peel-oton.

7. I peel it in my bones.

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8. Bananas never get lonely because they hang out in bunches.

9. Bananas love to dance. They do the ba-nae-nae.

10. Sheep love baa-naa-naaaas.

11. She’s going bananas.

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