25 Running Puns That’ll Have You Out of Breath


Sometimes, humor is the best way to get you through the last mile of a run. Read the funniest running puns, but not while you’re running.

Person running up a grass hill.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious running puns

1. Joggers share puns every time they see each other. It’s a running joke.

2. No one could beat that runner. That’s why they called him the jogger-naut.

3. Before a race, you must be in sprint condition.

4. If you forget something, just jog your memory.

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5. The gardener got lost while running the marathon because he took the wrong root.

6. She put her heart and sole into the race.

7. The snowman got injured while running because he didn’t warm up.

8. Been there, run that.

9. Son of a run.

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10. Another run bites the dust.

11. Don’t let it get you jogged down.

12. Run day, I’ll figure it out.

13. Run, run, run.

14. Let’s take it run day at a time.

15. Crazy runners take the psycho path.

16. Every time a runner leaves their home, they come back quickly. I guess it was a quick run.

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17. Before a race, sprinters eat fast food.

18. You can never beat a sprinter from Finland. By the time you start, they’re Finnish.

19. Then, there was run.

20. When you’re sad, a mourning run will make you feel better.

21. Run for me and run for you.

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22. Don’t eat before a race because it’ll give you the runs.

23. I skipped my evening jog because there was a runderstorm.

24. A run in the oven.

25. It takes run to know run.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.