50+ Pig Puns That’ll Make You Snort (Oinkin’ Hilarious)


If you’re looking to laugh so hard that you snort, read the best pig puns. Whether you live pigs or own some, you’ll love the puns.

Pigs are adorable animals. Aside from being cute, they’re smart, clean, and love belly rubs.

They have the intelligence of a human toddler. They’re smarter and more trainable than any dog breed.

But, sometimes, they can be hog-wild. That’s where the fun and humor come in.

If you’re ready to snort, the following pig puns are what you need.

Pig wearing sunglasses.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny pig puns

1. I’m kind of a pig deal.

2. I a pig fan.

3. It’s boar-ing.

4. It was a pig-ment of my imagination.

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5. I a-boar you.

6. I don’t give a ham.

7. Insta-ham.

8. I’m missing you pig time.

9. It’s pig-ture perfect.

10. Hogs and kisses.

11. The pig was covered with ink after coming out of the pen.

12. Jurassic Pork.

13. If a pig gets hurt, it needs oink-ment.

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14. When you cross a pig and a cactus, you get a porky-pine.

15. Call a ham-bulance.

16. The most athletic pigs compete in the Olym-pigs.

17. Did you finish your ham-work?

18. I write secret messages with invisible oink.

19. Let’s have a pig-nic.

20. Stop swining.

21. When it comes to food, I’m piggy.

22. Don’t take it for grunted.

23. A pig on the ground is a groundhog.

24. A pig that knows karate is a pork chop.

25. A pig that does charity work is a philanthro-pig.

26. When you tug a pig, you get pulled pork.

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27. May I boar-row this for a minute?

28. A super cool pig is e-pig.

29. Ty-pig-ally, we go to brunch on the weekend.

30. Look at it from a different pers-pig-tive.

31. I need a tro-pig-al vacation.

32. These berries were hand-pig-ed.

33. Pigs use hog-wash to clean themselves.

34. He was disgruntled.

35. I like your porcine-ality.

36. Hog-gen Dazs has the best ice cream.

37. Sometimes, you have to pig and choose.

38. I have ham-nesia.

39. At the casino, pigs play the slop machines,

40. If you need to be silent, don’t bring a pig. It won’t stop squealing.

41. I was boar-n this way.

42. Look at the pig-ger pig-ture.

43. The pig that runs the post office is the pork-master general.

44. When pigs work together, it’s called colla-boar-ation.

45. If a pig is moving too slow, tell it to pig up the pace.

46. Don’t be stub-boar-n.

47. We’ll throw a sow-prise party.

48. It was a ham-bush.

49. Swine and dine.

50. That pig was a loin-backer.

51. I read a story about pig anatomy. It was straightforward until I found a twist in the tale.

52. A Spanish pig is called porque.

53. A pig without legs is a groundhog.

54. Harry Pork-er went to Hogwarts to learn how to fly.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.