40+ Hilarious Furniture Puns


Furniture puns are sofa-king hilarious. There are many types of furniture, which means many humorous ways to use the words.

Lamp hanging above a couch and rug.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. We’re getting bed-er with each day.

2. You’re sofa-king funny.

3. Couch, that hurt.

4. I’ve learned to love my-shelf.

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5. I’ll bed on that.

6. Chairs!

7. Nothing else mattress.

8. Sofa, so good.

9. I’m table to help.

10. The furniture store won’t stop calling me. All I wanted was one nightstand.

11. Chair-ing is caring.

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12. I have such a great relationship with furniture. My recliner and I go way back.

13. Be chair-ful.

14. Desk the one.

15. Corduroy pillows are making headlines.

16. It’s rela-table.

17. I donate to chair-ity.

18. You’re sofa-bulous.

19. Who is the ottoman?

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20. You have great chair-isma.

21. That’s understan-table.

22. You’re sofa-sticated.

23. He’s so chair-ming.

24. Couch you later.

25. Not bed.

26. Dresser up.

27. Desk for help if you need it.

28. There’s a new tea-chair at the school.

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29. I’ll sit in the blea-chairs.

30. I know you’ll go sofa in life.

31. I chair-ish these moments.

32. I’d couch for you anytime.

33. I planted a chair-y tree.

34. I’m un-table to go today.

35. Where’s our desk-ination?

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36. You’re the cu-desk person ever.

37. The chair is-table.

38. Desk me anything.

39. Up on a bed-estal.

40. The show has a new chair-acter.

41. That’s the best I’ve seen sofa.

42. I couldn’t chair less.

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