60+ Funny Avocado Puns


Avocados are versatile fruits that come in several varieties. Next time you eat one, remember avocado puns for a good laugh.

Avocado winking.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Guacamole, avocado toast, dressings, and smoothies are several ways to use avocados.

The medium-sized green fruit originates from Mexico. There are a few types of avocados, but the Hass variety is the most popular.

They have a creamy texture and rich, nutty flavor.

Next time you see or eat one, remember the following avocado puns for a laugh.

The best avocado puns

1. You’re all I avo wanted.

2. You’re avo-lutely amazing.

3. We make a great avoca-duo.

Avocado cut in half.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. The sliced avocado said to the other, “You’re my better half.”

5. Let’s avo-cuddle.

6. If loving avocados is wrong, I don’t want to be ripe.

7. Thanks for helping me. Avo you big time.

8. I’m playing devil’s advo-cado.

9. Avo good day.

10. Avo-nly have eyes for you.

11. Avoca-don’t worry, be happy.

12. You’re going avo control.

13. My favorite dessert is avo-gato.

14. The plane is carrying avo-cargo.

15. Look at that avo-car-go.

16. One avocado said to the other, “You’re hardcore.”

17. Great job. Bravo-cado!

Half of an avocado.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

18. Avoca-don’t start with me.

19. Your baby is avocado-rable.

20. Avocad-yo! What’s up?

21. Thank you for avo-rything.

22. They lived happily avo after.

23. Avo nice day.

24. Hass, queen!

25. I avoca-don’t care.

26. My avocado business is doing all-ripe.

27. How long Hass it been?

28. Kiss my Hass.

29. The avocado’s belly said to it, “You’re pitiful.”

30. Hass, if!

31. The avocado said, “I know I’m extra.”

32. Thanks for you Hass-pitality.

33. The avo-lcano is about to erupt.

34. Hass, we can.

35. I planted avocado seeds. It was a move in the ripe direction.

36. You have an avo-can-do spirit.

37. Young avocados are called avo-kiddos.

38. I use avoca-dough to make avocado donuts.

39. The avocado said to its pit, “Without you, I’m empty inside.”

Half of an avocado.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

40. Avoca-duh. It’s obvious.

41. An avocado’s favorite song is Avo Maria.

Guacamole puns

1. Guac on.

2. Don’t guac the boat.

3. An avocado’s favorite music genre is guac ‘n’ roll.

4. You’ve guac to be kidding me.

Bowl of guacamole and half of an avocado.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

5. Guac a doodle doo.

6. Don’t be a guac-blocker.

7. Well, that was guac-ward.

8. You guac.

9. I’m ready for guac-tail hour.

10. In a while, guac-odile.

11. I’ve hit guac bottom.

12. Let’s play guac-a-mole.

13. I’m between a guac and a hard place.

14. An avocado’s favorite rapper is Guaca Flocka Flame.

15. You’re a guac-star.

Bowl of guacamole and two chips.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

16. Guac did you say?

17. There’s a guaca-hole.

18. Let’s talk on guac-ie talkies.

19. We need guac-xygen to breathe.

20. Let’s race guac-arts.

21. I’m going to college to study guac-onomics.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.