50+ Hilarious Rat Puns


Rats are rodents that are famous for being able to chew through many things. Read hilarious rat puns for a laugh next time you see one.

Rat sitting.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Rats are nocturnal rodents that live all over the world. The rodent species include beavers, mice, and squirrels.

They have a negative reputation for destroying property and crops. But rats also have benefits, as they keep ecosystems healthy.

Next time you see or hear about one, laugh with the following rat puns.

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Funny rat puns

1. That was rat-ical.

2. A rat’s favorite game is Hide and Squeak.

3. You’re my favo-rat.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. Rat on.

5. I’m dressing up as a pi-rat for Halloween.

6. Turn on the rat-io.

7. It came up on my rat-ar.

8. My kids are g-rat-uating from college.

9. Measure the rat-ius of the circle.

10. Don’t rain on my pa-rat.

11. You rat-iate happiness.

12. I’m visiting my old college com-rats.

13. Live life with no reg-rats.

Rat standing.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

14. The island was pa-rat-ise.

15. If you cross a dog with a rodent, you get a lab-rat-or retriever.

16. If something isn’t consistent, it’s spo-rat-ic.

17. It’s been e-rat-icated from the world.

18. There’s a pa-rat-igm shift in the industry.

19. The two statements cont-rat-ict each other.

20. It’s a family t-rat-ition.

21. You look inc-rat-ible.

22. I’m going to rat-eem my rewards points.

23. It’s a sac-rat building.

24. Always use a c-rat-ible source.

25. Some events are unp-rat-ictable.

26. That was rat-iculous.

27. We’re throwing a rat-ro party.

28. I can’t tell you because it’s a sec-rat.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

29. The boss is rat-iring this year.

30. I’m doing my best to rat-ain the information.

31. The online company is opening its first rat-ail store.

32. I’m rat-urning a favor.

33. I’ll ask the sec-rat-ary to book a meeting.

34. I need to interp-rat a message.

35. I’m attending a rat-irement party.

36. The monitor has a rat-ina display.

37. It was a theo-rat-ical question.

38. The rat’s staying at the Ratz-Carlton hotel.

39. The hard-working rat got a raise based on me-rat.

40. It’s a daily rat-ual.

41. The rules are w-rat-ten in stone.

42. The application asks for ma-rat-al status.

43. The heirs inhe-rat-ed a large property.

44. Make a donation to a local cha-rat-y.

45. The majo-rat-y wins.

46. This is a prio-rat-y for us.

47. It comes with the ter-rat-ory.

48. The rat’s video went viral and it became a celeb-rat-y.

49. The movie is a pa-rat-y.

50. It’s for your p-rat-ection.

51. Rats are good at keeping squeak-rets.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

52. Rat puns are under-rat-ed.

53. All rats need road dent insurance.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.