60+ Funny Mole Puns


A mole is a small, burrowing mammal with claws. Read the funniest mole puns for a laugh the next time you see one or a molehill.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Moles are unique creatures, as they spend most of their life underground.

They can’t see well, but their sense of touch makes up for it.

Moles use their snouts and claws to dig tunnels for feeding and living.

The dirt from digging piles up at the entrance, creating a molehill.

Next time you see one, remember the following mole puns for a good laugh.

Hilarious mole puns

1. A mole’s favorite field of study in math is mole-tiplication.

2. Slow as mole-asses.

3. There’s mole where that came from.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. Santa lives in the North Mole.

5. I’m going to the shopping mole.

6. It’s a s-mole world.

7. Moles are my favorite ani-moles.

8. Everything’s back to nor-mole.

9. A mole’s favorite baseball team is the Mole-waukee Brewers.

10. Mole-ars are the biggest of all teeth.

11. I’m having a mole-ten chocolate cake for dessert.

12. A mole’s favorite haircut is the mole-let.

13. Moles are burrowing mam-moles.

14. I heard a beautiful mole-ody.

15. I love to eat mole-berries.

16. The event’s dress code is for-mole.

17. There are mole-tiple options.

18. There was a mole-function in the system.

Mole coming out of a molehill.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

19. Mole-ch your soil.

20. Earth is in the Mole-ky Way galaxy.

21. I’m traveling to Mole-bourne, Australia.

22. A mole’s favorite actor is Mole Gibson.

23. The future looks dis-mole.

24. It was a pri-mole response.

25. I love roasting marsh-mole-lows.

26. A mole that keeps things simple is a mini-mole-ist.

27. We had an infor-mole meeting.

28. The rich mole is a mole-ti-mole-ionaire.

29. The houses are scheduled for de-mole-ition.

30. There was paranor-mole activity going on.

31. Lawyers can be sued for mole-practice.

32. We have si-mole-ar interests.

33. We are fa-mole-y.

34. They showed hu-mole-ity by acknowledging their mistakes.

35. After high school, they joined the mole-itary.

36. I’m fa-mole-iar with the subject.

37. Moles exercise by running on the tread-mole.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. A mole that goes to the desert becomes a ca-mole.

39. I enjoy eating cara-mole ice cream.

40. A mole that changes colors is a cha-mole-eon.

41. There was a sense of mole-ncholy in the air.

42. You’re mole-some.

43. It’s the mole-timate example.

44. If you cross a mole with an insect, you get a mole-squito.

45. A sad mole is dis-mole.

46. The mole said to the dirt, “I dig you.”

47. A mole’s favorite composer is Mole-zart.

48. Moles love to listen to rock and mole.

49. The mole went to the dentist to remove its mole-ars.

50. Mole money. Mole problems.

51. Moles are made of molecules.

52. I prefer having mole-tiple choices.

53. When you put a mole and avocado together, you get guacamole.

54. The mole, the merrier.

55. I’ll send you an e-mole reminder.

Mole coming out of a molehill.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

56. You’re my role mole-del.

57. Don’t tell mole jokes. It’s mole-itically incorrect.

58. My favorite summer fruit is watermole-on.

59. A mole’s favorite board game is Mole-opoly.

60. Moles communicate in Mole-se code.

61. Ace in the mole.

62. Truth be mole-d.

63. The results are abys-mole.

64. They had an mole-terior motive.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.