25+ Best Avocado Jokes


Holy guacamole! Read the best and funniest avocado jokes that are also parent-approved and great for avo-kiddos.

Graphic of half of an avocado with the pit in it.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious avocado jokes

1. What does an avocado call its children?


2. How can you be sympathetic to an avocado?

Guaca-mile in its shoes.

3. What type of music do avocados love?

Guac ‘n’ roll.

4. Why was the avocado being followed by paparazzi?

It was a guac-star.

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5. Why’s the avocado constantly feeling down?

It’s pit-iful.

6. Why did the two avocados break up?

One said the other was a good kind of fat.

7. What do you call a weird situation between avocados?


8. How do you make an avocado disappear?

Say “avocad-abra”.

9. What do you call an avocado that loves to snuggle?

An avo-cuddle.

10. How do avocados communicate?

They use guac-ie talkies.

11. How do avocados exercise?

They do avo-cardio.

12. Why did the avocado need help?

It was avo-control.

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13. Why did the avocado accept the promotion?

It was a move in the ripe direction.

14. What does a content avocado say when you ask if it needs anything?

I’m al-ripe for now.

15. Why did the avocado replace the windshield on its car?

It got hit by a guac.

16. What did the avocado say after a pleasant hotel stay?

Thank you for your hass-pitality.

17. What do avocados say in a tricky situation?

I’m stuck between a guac and a hard place.

18. What do you say to an avocado that did a great job?


19. What do you call an avocado that’s at its worst?

Guac bottom.

20. What does an avocado say to its pit?

Without you, I’m empty inside.

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21. What else does an avocado say to its pit?

You’re the center of my world.

22. What does an avocado say after a workout?

I’m hard core.

23. What did the tortilla chip say to the guacamole?

You’re all I avo wanted.

24. How do avocados say goodbye?

See you later avo-gator, in a while guac-odile.

25. What do you say when the guacamole is ready?

Chip-chip hooray.

26. What do you call a religious avocado?

Holy guacamole.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.