30+ Hilarious Camping Puns


Camping is a fun outdoor activity where you can enjoy nature. While you’re around the campfire, read the funniest camping puns.

Tent on grass with a lake and tree behind it.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny camping puns

1. That was in tents.

2. I wood love to go camping.

3. It tents to be that way.

4. Let me know if I’m s’more-ing.

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5. I had trouble cooking while camping. Firewood help.

6. I camp help it.

7. We’ve reached the camp-acity for one tent.

8. Wood you help me set up the tent?

9. The world needs s’more people like you.

10. Make sure there’s enough tent-sion.

11. Not fire long.

12. There’s needs to be camp-le space to move around.

13. It left a tent, not a scratch.

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14. A tree’s favorite drink is root beer.

15. Campers keep their money in the river bank.

16. To ensure a sleeping bag doesn’t get stretched out, don’t sleep too long in it.

17. Be yourself. Don’t pre-tent to be someone else.

18. It’s impor-tent.

19. It has a slight tent of color.

20. Be tent-erhearted.

21. We’re going to a concert at the camp-hitheater.

22. Our team won the camp-ionship.

23. When a tree gets to the campground, it needs to log in.

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24. Be camp-athetic.

25. That was an ex-tent-sive description.

26. Let me finish my sen-tents.

27. It’s too short. We’ll need an ex-tent-er.

28. When trees go swimming, they wear swim trunks.

29. Let’s settle this once and fire all.

30. You can’t run through a campsite, but you can ran because it’s past tents.

31. The s’more, the merrier.

32. Pitch, please.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.