50+ Hilarious Hippo Puns for Huge Laughs


The hippopotamus is a semiaquatic mammal weighing thousands of pounds. Whether seeing one or learning about it, read funny hippo puns.

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Hippo is short for hippopotamus. It’s a semiaquatic mammal native to Africa.

Today, you can find a hippo in many zoos.

There are two species of hippos, the common or river, and the pygmy.

A pygmy hippo weighs up to 600 pounds, while the common hippo weighs up to 5 tons.

While huge, they can charge up to 14 miles per hour.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following hippo puns.

Funny hippo puns

1. It was a hippo-thetical question.

2. Don’t be a hippo-crite.

3. I’m so hippo to see you.

4. It’s time to hippo-party-mus.

5. Wear layers in cold weather to prevent hippo-thermia.

6. What’s your hippo-thesis?

7. The fastest hippo travels at hippo-sonic speed.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

8. It’s a hippo-tenuse triangle.

9. I have a hippo-allergenic dog.

10. Hip-pose for the photo.

11. A group of islands full of hippos is an arc-hippo-lago.

12. I hippopota-miss you.

13. The difference between a hippo and a zippo is that one’s heavy, and the other’s a little lighter.

14. That’s a hippo-lice officer.

15. We’re the complete hippo-site of each other.

16. You have a nice hippopotamus-tache.

17. They’re being hippo-critical.

18. The trendy hippo is a hipster-potamus.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

19. A hippo that uses foul language is a hippo-potty-mouth.

20. For dessert, hippos eat hippopota-mousse.

21. A hippo that raps is a hip-hop-otamus.

22. The rock has hippopota-moss growing on it.

23. I’d like to get your hippo-pinion.

24. The hippo’s looking for a bathroom to hip-poo.

25. Hippos vote by taking a hippo-ll.

26. I love reading hippo-etry.

27. The hippo went to the doctor for a hippo-peration.

28. A positive hippo is a hippo-optimist.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

29. There’s a sweet potato and a hippo-tato.

30. I’m writing a hippo-em.

31. A hippo that has nothing to do is a hippo-bored-amus.

32. I hippopotamus-t finish the job.

33. The famous hippo writer is Edgar Allen Hippo-e.

34. I enjoy riding on a hippo-go stick.

35. I’m wearing a hippopota-mask.

36. It smells hippopotamus-ty.

37. Watch out for the hippo-le.

38. We’re two peas in a hippo-pod-amus.

39. Let’s sip-po on a few drinks.

40. When you cross a dog with a hippo, you get a hippo-paw-tamus.

41. When you cross a golfer with a hippo, you get a hippo-par-tamus.

42. You can heal a sick hippo with a hippo-tion.

Hippo with its mouth open.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

43. The coolest hippo is a hippo-awesome-mus.

44. It’s hippo-preciation day.

45. They made a hippo-ster.

46. It was a hippo-pscale restaurant.

47. It has hippo-tential.

48. The speaker was on the hippo-dium.

49. An unorganized hippo is a hippopota-mess.

50. The material is hippopota-mesh.

51. A hippo that’s easy to move is a hippo-porta-mus.

52. Let’s not get hippo-litical.

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