45+ Hilarious River Puns to Make You Laugh


A river is a natural flowing watercourse. It flows downhill from gravity’s force. Whether you’re at a river or love them, read funny river puns.

River with rocks.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Rivers are moving bodies of water. They flow from one area and outlets into another body of water, like the ocean.

As it flows, the riverbank is the boundary.

The length of a river varies, and the world’s longest river is the Nile. It’s 4,132 miles long.

Rivers offer scenic views and fun activities.

Next time you find yourself at or thinking about one, remember the following river puns. Share them to give everyone around you a good laugh.

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Funny river puns

1. River-t to the previous version.

2. I saw a river-ting documentary about rivers.

3. Instead of going forward, it went in river-se.

River with bushes.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. The company has a bright outlook. Its river-nue is increasing.

5. This is a river-lution.

6. I’m traveling to the River-a Maya for vacation.

7. The echo effect in a music recording is river-b.

8. I volunteer as a river-ee for a local soccer league.

9. She’s a river-ed member of the community.

10. He had river-lations about his life.

11. Some brands give discounts for river-rals.

12. It was an act of river-nge.

13. My grandfather was a river-end.

14. I bought a river-sible jacket.

15. Everyone treated her with river-ence at the event.

16. There was some river-sion to old beliefs.

17. The two teams have a long-standing river-lry.

18. I will river-ain from commenting.

19. We need to river-nish the living room.

20. I’m applying for a new job and need river-ences.

River and grass.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

21. You can get good deals by buying river-bished devices.

22. Coconut water on a hot day is river-eshing.

23. Rivers are so lazy. They never get out of their beds.

24. The pirate said, “River me timbers.”

25. I p-river burgers to hot dogs.

26. It’s river-ything I’ve ever wanted.

27. I love river-green trees.

28. I want to climb Mount River-est.

29. River-yday is a new beginning.

30. It was a cont-river-sial matter.

31. My friend bought a new car. It’s a Range River.

32. It’s the tip of the p-river-bial iceberg.

33. He’s the app-river of applications.

34. She enjoys being around others. She’s an ext-river-t.

Puns related to rivers

1. I love going to the river. It’s so scenic and gorges.

2. He was delta bad hand.

3. I jumped in the river because it was ex-stream-ly hot.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. The Amazon River? I’ve bend there before.

5. The hipster didn’t swim in the river because it was too mainstream.

6. Banks for your help.

7. My plants are struggling. Watershed help.

8. Fish keep their money in the riverbank.

9. Rivers are so relaxing. I was watching a live stream earlier.

10. I kept throwing money into the river. I want to increase my cash flow.

11. The extinct species of archaic humans were meander-thals.

12. The fisherman could not accept that he didn’t catch any fish. He was in the Nile.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.