85+ Funny Oat Puns That’ll T-oat-ally Make You Laugh


Oats are whole grains that make for a hearty breakfast. Next time you eat them or see them at the store, remember funny oat puns for a laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Oats are one of the most popular breakfast foods.

Aside from popularity, oats are beneficial.

According to a study by Foods, oats improve your health and prevent diseases.

The oat is known as the common oat. It’s also common for humor because puns are easy to create with the word.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following oat puns.

Hilarious oat puns

1. Oat, you know.

2. This is t-oat-ally the best country I’ve visited.

3. Oats communicate through oat-mail.

4. I was there the oat-her day.

5. The football coach called time oat.

6. You did an oat-standing job.

7. That character was the pr-oat-agonist.

8. It was supp-oats to be the other one.

9. I made an oats to tell the truth.

Oat character with arms up.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

10. I’ll n-oat it in my calendar.

11. That’s oat-rageous.

12. I’m reading a book ab-oat the history of oats.

13. Nice t-oat-oo.

14. I want to go to oat-er-space.

15. Peace oat!

16. A new bar opened down the street. It also offers nuts, oats, and raisins. I think it’s called a Granola Bar.

17. I traded in my manual shifting car for an oat-omatic.

18. I use it as my scape-oat.

19. I’m not driving. I’m using oat-opilot.

20. My new hobby is ph-oat-ography.

Camera flash.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

21. I’m available the whole week. Just n-oat today.

22. I have an interest in rob-oat-ics.

23. R-oat-ate the frame.

24. I’m staying at a five-star h-oat-el.

25. I hope to win the l-oat-tery.

26. I saw an oat-ter at the zoo.

27. Did you meet your daily q-oat-a?

28. I wr-oat you a song.

29. Start to m-oat-or.

30. My favorite q-oat is from Nelson Mandela. He said, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

31. Sometimes, you have to piv-oat.

32. Congratulations on your prom-oat-ion.

33. This is a new p-oat-ion to heal you.

34. I won’t stop until I get to the b-oat-tom of this.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

35. Sugar gliders are ex-oat-ic pets.

36. I use a Pel-oat-on to exercise.

37. After the gym, I drink a pr-oat-ein shake.

38. I’m overwhelmed with em-oat-ions.

39. Follow the f-oat-steps.

40. The president will be the keyn-oat speaker.

41. He speaks in mon-oat-one.

42. You have p-oat-ential.

43. She was n-oat-orious.

44. I’ve been working on my neg-oat-iation skills.

45. You’ll never be forg-oat-ten.

46. As a kid, I read Charl-oats Webb.

47. I’m working on the pr-oat-otype.

48. You’re in the sp-oat-light.

49. My favorite f-oat-ball team is the New England Patri-oats.

50. Follow the pr-oat-ocol.

51. The furniture store is having a big sale for oat-tomans.

52. Dancers and acrobats wear le-oat-ards.

53. I need a n-oat-ary.

54. My favorite hockey team is the Oat-tawa Senators.

Hockey sticks and puck.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

55. You oat to know.

56. Some restaurants offer b-oat-tomless fries.

57. I got a new dog. He’s a r-oat-weiler.

58. I’ll pr-oat-ect you.

59. Les Brown is a m-oat-ivational speaker.

60. What’s your hyp-oat-hesis?

61. The doctor prescribed antibi-oat-ics.

62. She’s going to be the next sen-oat-or.

63. The scent is p-oat-ent.

64. I spoke to the customer service represent-oat-ive.

65. Our meeting is tent-oat-ive.

66. I work rem-oat-ly.

67. I’m visiting C-oat d’Ivoire in West Africa.

68. You’re oat-spoken.

69. I was in oat-ter amazement.

70. I bring my t-oat when I go shopping.

71. I read an oat-obiography.

72. I’m n-oat-ral ab-oat it.

73. She’s the oat-hor.

74. The summary is a book in a n-oat-shell.

75. Too much ice will dil-oat the drink.

76. He’s an am-oat-eur.

77. The major-oat-y wins.

78. We’re having a comp-oat-ition.

79. It’s our s-oat-ciety.

80. I’ll love you for oat-ernity.

81. My favorite class in school was geom-oat-ry.

82. She’s the brains behind our mark-oat-ing.

83. It has no mon-oat-ary value.

84. It’s a secr-oat.

85. Let’s order app-oat-izers.

86. Oat to Joy.

87. It’s a humble ab-oat.

88. I’m a big fan of m-oat-ern architecture.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.