30+ Hilarious Prank Call Ideas for When You’re Bored


If you have nothing to do, prank calls may be a fun activity if you can do it without laughing. If you’re stuck, get inspired by the best prank call ideas.

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Prank calls never get old. You’ll remember doing it years later.

While prank calls are fun, they’re not as enjoyable on the receiving end. That’s where you need to be careful.

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Unless you know the other person can take it, don’t be offensive, as you can get in trouble.

Funny prank call ideas

If you’re bored and need to do something, try prank-calling someone.

The following are the funniest prank call ideas.

1. Rideshare Driver Waiting Outside

If you want to start with an easy prank call, pretend you drive for Uber, Lyft, or Wingz.

Then, call a random person, tell them the app you’re driving for, and that you’re waiting outside.

They’ll likely say they didn’t request a ride. Don’t argue with them. Instead, repeat that you’re waiting outside.

After repeating it, hang up. You’ll leave them confused, and they might go out to look for you.

2. Reported for Aggressive Driving

If you’re up for a challenge, pretend you work at your road safety organization.

Start the call by introducing yourself under a fake name, title, and organization.

Tell them you’re following up on a report of aggressive driving. Ask them to explain their side of the story.

If they don’t believe you, hang up.

Otherwise, you’ll get lucky, and they’ll explain what happened.

If they do, thank them for their time, warn them to drive safely, and hang up.

3. Stop Calling Me

Call a random number and tell them you keep getting calls from this number.

Then, ask them to stop calling or take you off the marketing list.

They’ll be confused or ask for your name. Either hang up or give them a fake name and hang up.

If want short prank call ideas, this is an excellent choice. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take long.

4. Reserve a Shopping Cart

Who reserves a shopping cart? Nobody! That’s what makes this prank call so funny.

Get all your laughing out of the way before you call because it’s a good one.

Call a store and ask them to reserve a shopping cart for a time and day.

The customer service representative will say you don’t need a reservation. But, explain that you called last month to reserve one.

Also, share that you’re driving from far away and want to have a shopping cart.

If they end up asking for your information, hang up. If they don’t, hang up when you feel it’s hit a wall.

5. Asking for a Reference

This is one of those prank call ideas meant for friends and family. It wouldn’t work well on strangers.

To do it, call someone and pretend to be a recruiter at a company.

Then, tell them a mutual friend or family member put them as a reference.

Ask them to explain why this person is a good employee. Also, ask them about shortcomings.

When it comes to jobs, people take them seriously.

In the end, you can laugh and tell them you’re messing with them.

Otherwise, you can thank them for their time and hang up.

6. Stop Calling My Significant Other

Another quick and easy prank call idea is to tell a stranger to stop calling your significant other. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Tell them you don’t know who they are, but they keep calling your significant other.

Explain that you’re not going to stand there without doing anything about it.

Don’t let them speak. Keep telling them to stop and hang up.

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7. Fake Food Delivery

Food delivery is more common than ever. So, your odds of success with this prank call are high.

Call someone random and tell them you dropped off their food delivery at their front door.

Before they get the chance to respond, hang up.

You’ll leave them so confused. But, they’ll check their front door and won’t find anything.

They may call back. So, don’t pick up. It’s also a good idea to use an anonymous caller ID.

8. Put Two Phones Together

One of the funniest prank call ideas is to make two strangers talk to each other.

You’ll need two phones, but it’s worth the effort.

Call two random people. Then, put the phones on speaker and have them talk to each other.

If one person doesn’t pick up, end both calls and try again with different phone numbers.

Listening to the two strangers try to understand what’s going on will be hilarious.

9. Luke, I Am Your Father

Even if someone hasn’t watched a Star Wars movie, they’ll know the famous line, “Luke, I am your father.”

That’s what makes it funny and harmless.

Call someone random and ask, “Is this Luke?” They’ll either say no or ask who you are.

If they ask who you are, say, “I am your father.”

If they say you have the wrong phone number, tell them you have the correct one.

10. Tell a Restaurant You’re Stuck on the Toilet

When you’re eating, sometimes you need to go to the restroom.

Call a fast food chain or restaurant and tell them you’re stuck on the toilet.

Ask them to help you because you can’t get up. Then, hang up.

While they may be reluctant, they’ll likely check on you just to find no one there.

Better yet, they might offer to help someone who doesn’t need it.

11. You’ve Called the Wrong Number

To make this prank call work, you need to act confused.

Call a stranger and when they pick up, say, “Hello?” They’ll greet you, as well.

Then, respond with, “Who is this?” They might say their name and ask who you are.

Tell them you think they have the wrong number.

If they say you called them.

Respond by saying, “No, you called me. I think you have the wrong number.” After you say that, hang up.

12. Schedule a Post Adoption Supervisory Report

The Post Adoption Supervisory Report happens after someone adopts a child.

Everyone in the household must be home, and it’s a detailed report on the health and development of a child.

Knowing that information, you can make a prank call.

So, call a random number and tell them you’re calling to schedule a time to conduct a Post Adoption Supervisory Report.

Expect them to be surprised and confused.

If they respond by saying you have the wrong number, tell them that this is a required step they can’t skip.

Then, let them respond and hang up.

13. The Job Is Finished

If you want to scare someone, this is the call to make. You can call a friend, family member, or stranger.

When you call them, say, “The job is finished.”

They’ll ask what job you’re talking about. Tell them, “The body. I’ve taken care of it.”

Before they say anything, say, “I’ll send the invoice now.” Then, hang up.

This is also a good prank call to do during Halloween. It’ll spook people out.

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14. Sing Happy Birthday

Call anyone and sing happy birthday. Finish the song without stopping.

In the end, they might say, “Thanks, but it’s not my birthday.”

Respond with, “Is this Ben?” They’ll say, “No.”

Then, say, “Oh. This is embarassing.” Hang up right after.

You’ll make their day because it’s a funny situation.

15. I Found Your Wallet

A person’s wallet is important, and losing one can make their heart drop.

Many people have a way of identifying themselves in their wallets.

So, you can call a friend, family member, or stranger and scare them by saying you found their wallet.

Hopefully, the person won’t have their wallet right next to them. If they do, hang up when they tell you.

Otherwise, pretend you’re losing cell phone service and hang up.

16. Ask Subway about the Next Train

Call the sandwich fast food chain, Subway, and ask them when the next train will leave.

Check the New York City subway map before you call and choose a location.

Tell them you missed the last train and wanted to know how long the wait will be.

They’ll be confused, laugh, or tell you it’s the wrong subway.

17. Ask Pizza Hut for Domino’s Pizza’s Phone Number

This prank call might annoy Pizza Hut, but it’s a good one.

Call them and say, “I’d like to place an order. Do you know what the phone number is for Domino’s Pizza?”

Wait for their reaction before hanging up.

18. You Won a Prize

Who doesn’t like being a winner?

Whether it’s a lottery ticket, backstage passes to a concert, or a shopping spree, prize winner prank calls are among the best.

Decide on the prize before calling. Then, call a random person and congratulate them for winning.

Be as convincing as possible, as you’ll need to show excitement.

You could end the call abruptly or pretend you called the wrong phone number.

19. Guess Who I Am?

Disguise your voice with an app, or do your best to change your voice.

Then, call a friend or family member with an anonymous caller ID.

Greet them and ask them if they know who you are. Then, get them to guess over and over.

It’s a fun way to mess with those closest to you.

In the end, you can tell them who you are or hang up.

It’s more suspenseful to hang up and see if they bring it up in conversation.

20. Call Out Sick at a Local Business

Call a local business and tell them you can’t go to work today because you’re sick.

They may ask for your name, and you can give a fake name or check the reviews for someone who works there.

Before getting into too many details, hang up.

The funniest part is if the person shows up to work.

21. I Need Advice

You can make up an issue or think of something embarrassing you have.

Call a random person and ask them for advice on what to do.

While some people may hang up, others will give you advice.

If they do, thank them for their time and hang up.

The more embarrassing or uncomfortable the issue, the funnier it’ll be.

22. Ask a Hotel for Toilet Paper

Aside from room service, hotels will refill your supplies at your request.

If you can find an accurate room number at a hotel, use it for a prank call.

Tell the hotel what room you’re in and that you’re on the toilet without toilet paper.

They’ll send someone to your room to restock.

The best part is that you’re not there. So, a guest will have quite the surprise.

23. Your House is Haunted

The haunted house prank call is best for someone who’s a new homeowner.

Call them and pretend you’re the previous owner.

Then, speak in a low and spooky voice.

Tell them the house is haunted and make up paranormal experiences.

End it by saying you recommend cleansing the home.

24. I Want a Refund

Call someone and as soon as they pick up, explain that your order arrived damaged.

Spend a minute or two saying you’re disappointed and want a refund.

Then, say, “If you can’t do anything, I want to talk to your manager.”

Now, give them a chance to respond and hang up mid-sentence.

25. Random Survey

Before you do the random survey prank call, create a list of questions.

Ridiculous, random, and awkward questions are the best.

The following are examples of questions you can ask:

  • Did you watch TV today?
  • How many times did you use the restroom today?
  • Do you prefer burgers or hot dogs?
  • Do you fold or crumple toilet paper?

Then, call someone and ask them if they’d be willing to take part in a short anonymous survey.

Emphasize that it’s short. It’ll increase the chances of someone agreeing to do it.

26. Scream

If you want to shock the person on the other end, surprise them.

Call someone, and when they pick up, don’t say anything.

Count to three and scream. Then, hang up.

Another option is to wait until the second time they say, “Hello?”

27. Do Your Best Impersonation

Think about your favorite characters and who or what you can impersonate.

When you’re ready, call someone and have a conversation by doing your impersonation.

The other person may hang up quickly, as it’s easy to see the prank. But it’s a fun prank to do.

28. Blind Date

The blind date prank call is excellent for strangers and friends alike.

Call someone and tell them you’re excited to go on a date.

Then, tell them you’ll pick them up at a certain time.

Before they can question you, say, “I have to get back to work now, I’ll see you later.”

29. Crying Because You Caught Your Spouse Cheating

Call a random person and start sobbing.

While you cry, ask them why they cheated on you. Be as dramatic as possible.

The other person will awkwardly tell you it’s the wrong phone number.

Then, cry even harder and say you’re embarrassed.

Thank them for listening. Then, hang up.

30. Play Music

If you’re unsure about your acting abilities, play music.

Pick a popular song and play it as soon as someone picks up your call.

It’s best to start with the volume lower.

Then, turn up the volume each time they say, “Hello?”

Eventually, they’ll hang up.

31. I’m Just Looking around the Store

When you shop at a retail store, sales representatives ask if they can help you find something.

If you’re like most people, you say, “I’m just looking around.”

It’s a common phrase for in-person shopping, but you never hear it over the phone.

That’s why it makes for the funniest reaction.

Call a store, and when they ask to help you, say, “I’m just looking around.” You’ll leave them speechless.

Give it a few seconds for awkward silence. Then, hang up.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.