65 Funny Jam Puns to Make You Laugh


Jam is a delicious spread for bread and scones. But, you can also put it in things like smoothies. Next time you use it, laugh with funny jam puns.

Container of strawberry jam.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Jam is chunks of fruit cooked with sugar. There are many flavors.

You can have jam made from strawberries, peppers, plums, raspberries, cranberries, and oranges.

It’s different from jelly, which uses fruit juice instead of chunks. Regardless, jam is a tasty spread.

The following are the funniest jam puns ever told.

Next time you spread it on toast, put it in a smoothie, or see it at the store, remember the puns for a good laugh.

Hilarious jam puns

1. A line of jam containers at an intersection is a traffic jam.

2. This is my jam!

3. I jam so happy today.

Container of strawberry jam.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. It’s a hidden jam.

5. I’ll post the photo on Insta-jam.

6. I was born in Jam-erica.

7. I’m going to the jam to work out.

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8. I’m jam-ping for joy.

9. I bought a new jam-psuit.

10. Painite is the rarest jam-stone.

11. I’m studying for an ex-jam-ination.

12. For same-day jam delivery, shop on Jam-azon.

13. I’m taking my family to the jam-usement park.

14. After a brain injury, they forgot where they bought the jam. It’s jam-nesia.

15. We are jam-ily.

16. Jam-plify the music so everyone can hear it.

17. A massive container of jam is jam-bo size.

Container of blueberry jam.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

18. I’m traveling to Jam-sterdam.

19. The first month of the calendar year is Jam-uary.

20. It was a double jam-my.

21. I’ll be jam-ned.

22. She’s a jam-iable person.

23. There’s jam-ple time to make jam.

24. The results were jam-biguous.

25. I love the jam-bient light.

26. The hotel had incredible jam-enities.

27. In school, we learned about the constitutional jam-endments.

28. You’re a jam-bitious person.

29. Cars have jam-blems of the brand’s logo.

30. There weren’t any jam-ifications.

31. When you cross jam with a frog, you get a jam-phibian.

32. We watched The Silence of the Jams.

33. The museum had con-jam-porary art.

34. I went hunting, but ran out of jam-mo.

35. The new employees tried to jam-ulate their mentors.

36. You’re going to jam-bark on a new journey.

37. I made my first jam. I’m overwhelmed with jam-otions.

Container of cherry jam.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. The jam company jam-phasized that it’s local.

39. We are the jam-pions.

40. My friend’s new house has a wine jam-ber.

41. Pop the jam-pagne. Let’s celebrate.

42. Be jam-tle. It’s delicate.

43. I’m not sure about the outcome. It’s a jam-ble.

44. My new hobby is ori-jam-i.

45. My zodiac sign is a jam-ini.

46. My family and I are watching Jam-anji tonight.

47. A jam party is a jamboree.

48. A jam’s favorite band is Pearl Jam.

49. I’m traveling on the Jam-trak train.

50. This was a jam-using conversation.

51. The bodybuilder took jam-ino acid supplements.

Container of raspberry jam with a spoon.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

52. When a group of jam’s were in agreement, they said, “Jam-en.”

53. You’re jam-azing!

54. You’re jam-ong the best.

55. There was a jam-ergency.

56. It’s jam-ployee appreciation month.

57. Jam-agine the possibilities.

58. You’ve made an excellent first jam-pression.

59. This jam is jam-pressive.

60. You have jam-peccable taste.

61. We’re making jam-provements to our recipe.

62. There are jam-perfections. But, it’s still good.

63. Things didn’t go according to plan. So, we had to jam-provise.

64. Jam-erald green is my favorite color.

65. It’s essential to have jam-pathy.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.