43 Hilarious Balloon Puns Everyone Will Love


Balloons create an exciting and fun atmosphere. Next time you attend a celebration or see them at the store, say balloon puns for a good laugh.

Six balloons.
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What’s a birthday party or celebration without balloons? They’re ideal decorations because everyone loves them.

A balloon’s ability to defy gravity is another reason they’re fun.

But, they’ll only float if you fill them with helium because it’s a light gas.

Let go of a helium balloon, and it’ll float up and away.

Whether you want to say a balloon pick-up line or use one as a caption, the following are the best balloon puns.

You’ll find puns about hot air balloons, too.

The funniest balloon puns

1. The only luxury fashion house that makes balloons is Balloon-ciaga.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

2. For lunch, I ate a balloon-ey sandwich.

3. In Italy, Balloon-a is a foodie’s paradise.

4. I made pasta with balloon-ese sauce.

5. I started taking a balloon animal class and love it. I just hate the pop quizzes.

6. If you love a balloon, never let Elsa hold it. She’ll let it go.

7. One balloon said to the wind, “You blow me away.”

8. There’s only one way to propose to a balloon. You pop the question.

9. If there’s one genre of music that scares balloons, it’s pop music.

10. A balloon told the other, “I love you so much I could burst!”

11. My favorite shoe brand is New Balloon-ce.

12. My friend had an interview at a party supply store to inflate balloons. I heard he blew it.

13. I was going to tell you a joke about balloons, but it got away from me.

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14. I hear balloons have a bad temper, so be careful. They can blow up at any moment.

15. Like a balloon, hold me tight and don’t let go.

16. I’m about to pop with excitement.

17. The deflated balloon had to step outside because it needed some air.

18. The only way to help injured balloons is to helium.

19. I hope your birthday is poppin’.

20. I got a new job inflating balloons. I hope I don’t blow it.

21. I met a sailor who puts balloons on his ship. I said, “Whatever floats your boat.”

22. It’s hard to find a balloon with no strings attached.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

23. It only happens once in a balloon moon.

24. The balloon everyone loves to pop is Mr. Popular.

25. My favorite whale is the balloon-ga.

26. A balloon that speaks different languages is balloon-gual.

27. I’m going on a vacation to Playa Balloon-dra in Mexico.

28. The lead singer of the Go-Go’s is Balloon-da Jo Carlisle.

29. One of the oldest beer brands in the United States is P. Balloon-tine and Sons Brewing Company.

30. It was a balloon-t statement.

31. In my free time, I balloon-teer for local organizations.

32. I’m looking for a new balloon-der to make smoothies.

Hot air balloon puns

1. I started a cold air balloon business, but it didn’t take off.

2. I go on a yearly hot air balloon ride, but it keeps getting more expensive. I have nothing to blame but inflation.

3. I’m scared of heights, but I went on my first hot air balloon ride. I forgot about my fear. I got carried away by the views.

4. I can’t decide if I want to go skydiving or ride in a hot air balloon. It’s still up in the air.

5. If you’ve hit rock bottom, get on a hot air balloon. You’ll only go up.

6. I went on a hot air balloon ride with my girlfriend. I guess you could say love is in the air.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. If you feel down, go in a hot air balloon. It’s uplifting.

8. The end of a hot air balloon ride is always a big letdown.

9. You need to stop telling jokes in a hot air balloon. It keeps going over my head.

10. I only saw one hot air balloon this morning. It must be an early riser.

11. I made a root beer float by taking root beer on a hot air balloon.

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