35+ Tornado Jokes to Spin a Laugh


A tornado is a rotating column of air that touches the ground. While devastating, lighten up with laughter. Read funny tornado jokes.

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Tornadoes come from large thunderstorms. They form when warm and humid air rises while cool air falls.

The movement of warm and cool air creates the rotation in the cloud.

Tornado season in the United States runs from May to early June.

Laugh with the following tornado jokes and lighten up the mood.

Hilarious tornado jokes

1. How does a tornado tell time?

It checks the tornado watch.

2. What’s a tornado’s favorite game?


3. Did you hear about the new movie about tornadoes?

There’s a big twist at the end.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. What did the tornado say to the car?

Do you want to go for a spin?

5. What do tornadoes use to make bread?


6. What was left of the French cheese factory after a tornado?

De brie.

7. What do you call a cow in a tornado?

A milkshake.

8. What did the teenage tornado say to his parents?

Nothing. He just stormed off.

9. What do you call an obvious tornado?

A torna-duh.

10. What do you call a cool tornado?

A torna-dope.

11. What’s a tornado’s favorite dance?

The Twist.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

12. Why didn’t the tornado need a bottle opener?

It was a twist-off bottle cap.

13. Why did the person throw a yield sign into a tornado?

They threw caution to the wind.

14. What’s a tornado’s favorite play in basketball?

The Tornado Alley-oop.

15. What’s a tornado’s favorite dessert?

Funnel cake.

16. Why did the tornado take a break?

It was out of wind.

17. What did the tornado say to the other that was complaining?

Suck it up.

18. What do you call it when a tornado messes up your secret plans?

A plot twist.

19. Why did the police arrest the tornado?

It was shoplifting.

20. What kind of tornado loves iceberg lettuce?

A wedge tornado.

21. How do tornadoes choose a location?

By spinning the wheel.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

22. What’s a tornado’s favorite vegetable?


23. A tornado just blew off 25% of my roof.


24. What do you call a tired tornado?


25. Why did the tornado cross the road?

To get the road to the other side.

26. Why don’t people like tornado jokes?

They suck.

27. What do you call it when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization falls apart?

A tor-NATO.

28. What do you call a superhero in a tornado?


29. What do you call a female deer in a tornado?

A torna-doe.

30. Why do tornadoes like unpleasant stories?

They’re twisted.

31. How do tornadoes force others to do things?

It twists their arm.

32. What’s a tornado’s favorite song?

All I Do Is Wind.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

33. What do you call a tornado that doesn’t touch the ground?

A torna-don’t.

34. What do you call a tornado that splits?

A torn-ado.

35. What does a tornado do to its date on the dance floor?

Spins them around.

36. How do tornadoes exercise?

They go to spin class.

37. What did the windmill say to the tornado?

I’m a big fan.

38. I saw a tornado once.

It blew me away.

39. What did one tornado say to the other?

I’ve got my eye on you.

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