45+ Hilarious Cucumber Puns to Pickle Your Funny Bone


Cucumbers help with hydration and offer a crunch in salads. Next time you see or eat one, remember cucumber puns for a good laugh.

Half-sliced cucumber.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Cucumbers have a mild, refreshing, and crisp flavor. You can eat them fresh or pickle them.

As tropical vegetables, cucumbers grow best in hot temperatures and plenty of water.

Aside from eating them, you can put sliced cucumbers over your eyes to reduce swelling.

They’re such versatile vegetables.

The following are the best cucumber puns to make you laugh the next time you see one.

Funny cucumber puns

1. You’re a cute-cumber.

2. You’re a cool-cumber.

3. The most complicated and inefficient vegetable is the cucumber-some.

4. A cucumber with wings is a cucum-bird.

5. A cold cucumber is a cucum-brr.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

6. A vegetable that gives hints is a clue-cumber.

7. The cue-cumber will tell you when to move.

8. I’m third in the queue-cumber.

9. A cucumber with bad luck is a cursed-cumber.

10. Cure-cumbers can heal anything.

Cucumber slices.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

11. A square cucumber is a cube-cumber.

12. The only cucumber that can make others move is a scoot-cumber.

13. Goo-cumbers have slime.

14. I’m on a mission to save cucumbers. It’s called Operation Rescue-cumbers.

15. I keep my cucumbers in a safe place. They’re secure-cumbers.

16. A cucumber that has a reason for not doing something is an excuse-cumber.

17. I found a brewery that adds cucumber to beer. It’s called the brew-cumber.

18. A poetic cucumber is a haiku-cumber.

19. Putting thin needles in cucumbers is called acu-cumber.

20. That was spectacu-cumber.

21. Soil that makes cucumbers grow faster in gardens is quick-cumber.

22. Welcome to the crew-cumber.

23. Glue-cumbers can fix broken vegetables.

24. My new two-door car looks like a cucumber. I’ll call it a coupe-cumber.

25. I’m a chef that specializes with cucumbers. They call me the cook-cumber.

26. When a cucumber blows up, it’s a cucum-burst.

Cucumber with half of it sliced.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

27. I’m not eating the cucumber anymore. It’s cucum-burnt.

28. A person who steals cucumbers is a cucum-burglar.

29. Happy cucum-birthday.

30. I use cucumber weights at the gym. They call them cucum-barbells.

31. Cucum-borrow mine.

32. It was a cucum-bargain.

33. I couldn’t get through. There was a cucum-barrier.

34. You’re welcome to join our barbeque-cumber.

35. Cucum-barefoot? Here are some shoes.

36. A gardener’s favorite luxury brand is Cucum-Burberry.

37. Let’s have a cucum-party to celebrate.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

38. Vegetables keep their money in a cucum-purse.

39. Cucum-park the car.

40. I’m having a cucum-burger for lunch.

41. I’m traveling to Dubai to see the cucum-Burj Khalifa.

42. My favorite Mexican restaurant now offers cucumber-ritos.

43. I like to put cucumber-rata cheese on bruschetta.

44. Thank you for your cucumber-ticipation.

45. There’s a new type of berry. The cucumber-ry.

46. You’ll lose cucumbers in the cucum-Bermuda Triangle.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.