75+ Funny Nacho Puns Loaded With Humor and Crunch


Nacho puns are the best way to spice up your day or add humor when eating them. Read the funniest ones to leave you laughing all day.

Tortilla chip wearing a hat.
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Nachos are a flavor party that gets your taste buds dancing. It began as a simple yet delicious snack. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the inventor, topped tortilla chips with cheese and jalapeños.

Now, there are many variations to the dish. Add guacamole, sour cream, beans, and zesty toppings. While eating them, add humor to your meal with the funniest nacho puns and jokes.

The best nacho puns

You can prefer tortilla chips and cheese or endless toppings. All types of nachos are welcome. Regardless of your pick, you’ll find the following nacho puns to be a cheesy delight.

1. Nachos are nacho average meal.

2. I’m nacho friend.

3. It’s nacho business.

4. I’m nacho sure about that.

5. I’m being serious. I’m nacho-king around.

Nachos with toppings around the plate.
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6. Nacho average chip.

7. I was going to tell you nacho puns, but they’re too cheesy.

8. I was positive, but now I’m nacho sure anymore.

9. It’s nacho ordinary day.

10. I like to make nachos while listening to the Nacho-torious B.I.G.

11. The cheese on these nachos are grate.

12. You can’t eat that. It’s nacho taco.

13. You were nacho-sen for the role.

14. Turn the music up a nacho.

15. I nacho-ked after eating too quickly.

16. Before nachos go into the oven, they’re raw-chos.

17. The restaurant named a Mexican dish after a wrestler. It’s called Nacho-kehold.

18. Nachoo! Pardon me.

19. You’re nacho-self today.

20. Sorry, it’s nacho lucky day.

21. Nacho puns are corny.

22. I’m nacho dad.

23. I’m nacho type.

24. October 21 is Inter-nacho-nal Day of the Nacho.

Tortilla chip holding shakers.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

25. My dog loves to eat paw-chos.

26. I brought nachos to salsa class. Huge misunderstanding.

27. I have nacho-res to do today.

28. It looks like chorizo, but it’s nacho-rizo.

29. You left me with nacho-ice.

30. Nacho-ppers. Only airplanes.

31. There’s nacho-colate left.

32. I saw someone get mad over nachos. Chip just got real.

33. It’s a matter of nacho-nal security.

34. To my nacho friends, I value our friend-chip.

35. I put too many toppings on my nachos. It was over the top.

36. My plan for tonight is to eat nachos and take it cheesy.

37. I’m grateful for cheese on nachos.

38. Don’t touch me. I’m nacho baby.

39. It’s a nacho-nal treasure.

40. My hair is au nacho-rel.

Hilarious nacho jokes

The following is nacho average collection of jokes. Have a laugh with a witty take on the beloved meal. The jokes are as perfect for sharing as nachos are.

1. What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

Nacho cheese.

2. Why should you make backup nachos?

In queso emergencies.

3. What do you call tortilla chips with weapons?

Loaded nachos.

4. What do ducks put on nachos?


5. How do you know if someone’s nacho friend?

They get jalapeño face.

6. What did the tortilla chip say to the cheese?

In queso didn’t know, I love you.

Tortilla chip and queso.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. What do you call masculine nachos?


8. What’s a nacho’s favorite movie?

Nacho Libre.

9. What type of dance do nachos love to do?


10. What did the tortilla chip say after the customer asked for more cheese?

I’m in-salt-ed.

11. What did the nacho say after getting the toppings?

We’re meant to bean.

12. What’s a squirrel’s favorite Mexican dish?


13. What do sailors eat while at sea?


14. Why’s the nacho always upset?

It has a chip on its shoulder.

15. Why were the nachos sad?

They had a queso the blues.

16. What do you call nachos that aren’t yours?

Nacho nachos.

17. What do nachos say to avocados?

You guac my world.

18. What do you call a penny-pincher that makes nachos?

A chip-skate.

19. What do you call a dog chew toy that looks like Mexican food?


20. When do you eat nachos?

Anytime you want to salsa-brate.

21. What’s a Mexican chef’s favorite movie genre?

Nacho-logical thriller.

22. How did the Mexican chef pass away?

Nacho-ral causes.

Bowl of nachos.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

23. What do you call it when you dream of nachos?


24. What do nachos say before a photo?


25. What did the nacho topping say after falling on the ground?


26. What’s the best music to listen to while making nachos?

Guac and roll.

27. What do nachos say to greet each other?

Guac’s up?

28. Which game do nachos love to play?

Hide and cheese.

29. What do you call nachos with weird toppings?


30. How do you make the world’s smallest nachos?

Use microchips.

31. What do you call it when nachos get sick?


Funny nacho pick-up lines

Whether over text or in-person, pick-up lines offer a mix of humor and charm. Use them to break the ice and showcase your playful personality. The best nacho-related pick-up lines are as follows.

1. You and I are like nachos with jalapeños. I’m really cheesy. You’re really hot. We belong together.

2. Hey girl. I know that’s nacho man because I’m right here.

3. If I were yours, we’d be like vegetarian nachos. No beef.

4. Do you like nachos? Because I’m the best kind of corny and cheesy.

5. You and I are like nachos with jalapeños. We’re perfect together.

6. Like the wrong cheese on nachos, I want to take you out.

7. Are you nachos? Because you’re looking like a snack.

Final thoughts

Nachos are the epitome of simplicity, timelessness, and culinary flexibility. Whether you want a dish with many toppings or host a game night, they’re an excellent solution.

After reading the nacho puns and jokes, which is your favorite? Remember them for an encounter with the dish, as they’ll leave everyone laughing.

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