42 Hilarious Jellyfish Puns to Make You Laugh


Jellyfish are fascinating creatures with the ability to sting. Next time you see one, remember jellyfish puns for a good laugh. Just don’t touch it.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Jellyfish are one of the most interesting creatures in the ocean.

They look like blobs and feel like jelly. But, it’s not advisable to touch them because they sting.

According to the National Ocean Service, jellyfish don’t have brains, blood, or hearts. Yet, they’ve survived millions of years.

There are thousands of species. So, remember the following jellyfish puns for your next encounter.

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Funny jellyfish puns

1. A happy jellyfish is a jolly-fish.

2. The opposite of a jellyfish is a peanut butter fish.

3. I created a cocktail called the Jellyfish. It’s 98% water.

4. Jellyfish are simple to understand. They’re no-brainers.

5. In the middle of a jellyfish is a jelly-button.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

6. Don’t be jelly.

7. The largest land jellyfish is a jelly-phant.

8. Plug your nose. It stings.

9. A refined jellyfish is also called jelly-gant.

10. Young jellyfish go to jelly-mentary school.

Three jellyfish.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

11. When a jellyfish goes to the gym, it does cardio on the jelly-ptical.

12. A stinky jellyfish is a smelly-fish.

13. If a jellyfish eats too much, it gets a jelly-ache.

14. A jellyfish that does funny things is a silly-fish.

15. To move up and down, jellyfish take the jelly-vator.

16. Jelly-ve it or not, it’s true.

17. Jellyfish sting jelly-berately.

18. Upside-down jellyfish are di-sting-t because they sit with their bell on the ground.

19. The jellyfish was guilty of procra-sting-nation.

20. If a jellyfish needs to fly, it gets on a jelly-copter.

21. It was a natural in-sting-t.

22. Was that a jellyfish or a sting-bug?

23. If you cross a noodle with a jellyfish, you get vermi-jelly.

24. It’s time to jelly-brate.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

25. The jellyfish are migrating to Jelly-fornia.

26. She believes in de-sting-y.

27. We’ve reached our de-sting-nation.

28. Sting with all your heart.

29. It’s a bit jelly outside. Bring your coat.

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Jellyfish funs based on the species

1. When jellyfish need to resolve an argument, they box.

2. A jellyfish veteran is a man o’ war.

3. When the jellyfish failed, it said, “I blue it.”

4. Put a flower on a jellyfish, and it becomes a flower hat jelly.

5. The jellyfish swam by so quickly that I barrel-y saw it.

6. One jellyfish said to the other, “We are moon-t to be.”

7. If you get lost, swim with the compass jellyfish.

8. It was Atolla than the other.

9. Muave before the jellyfish stings you.

10. I don’t want to be here Nomura.

11. Crossota previous name, and I write yours.

12. Sea, Wasp there to be afraid of?

13. If jellyfish could eat grains, they’d eat barrel-y.

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