45+ Funny Grape Puns to Make You Laugh



There are many types of grapes. Next time you see or eat one, remember the best grape puns to make everyone laugh. They’re the grapest!

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Grapes are juicy orbs that you eat fresh or as jelly or wine.

According to archeologists, humans began growing grapes as early as 6500 B.C.

There are various types, such as moon drops, Concords, and Riesling.

Next time you eat grapes or something made from them, remember the following grape puns.

Hilarious grape puns

1. Thanks for being a grape friend.

2. The grape-st of all time.

3. Be grape-ful for what you have.

4. I’m striving for grape-ness.

5. Mom, you did a grape job raisin me.

6. In history class, we learned about Alexander the Grape.

7. Grapes keep getting better. They’re raisin the bar.

8. When grapes get squished, they let out a little wine.

Grape with a winking face.
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9. I saw it disinte-grape.

10. Today is going to be a grape day.

11. Grape news. Everything happens for a raisin.

12. Not all heroes wear grapes.

13. We make a grape bunch.

14. Grape minds think alike.

Bunch of grapes.
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15. I heard it through the grapevine.

16. Overall the grapes were delicious. My biggest grape is that they were a bit warm.

17. A grape won’t go into the sun on its own. That would be un-raisin-able.

18. I believe in your grape-abilities.

19. Con-grape-ulations on your promotion!

20. Raisins would inte-grape well into your diet.

21. My parents immi-grape-d to the United States from Asia.

22. I’d like to express my grape-titude for all you’ve done.

Bunch of grapes on their side.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

23. The two grapes got in a fight and started grape-ling.

24. Can you grape the bowl and hand it to me?

25. I counted the number of grapes, and it doesn’t match the inventory. There’s a dis-grape-ency.

26. I fell off my bike and s-grape-d my knee.

27. Sometimes people will find a s-grape-goat to blame for their mistakes.

28. You can measure grapevines in vineyards.

29. The green grape said to the purple grape, “Breathe! Breathe!”

30. I thought I was raisin the bar with these grape puns, but all I did was make people wine.

31. The grape stopped in the middle of the road because it ran out of juice.

32. I’d go to grape heights to be here.

33. I’ll be vine.

34. I knew what we’d learn because it was prede-vine-d.

35. She was acting on a bunch.

36. The grapes look the same. They were bunch-anged.

37. Between breakfast and dinner is bunch-time.

38. A greedy grape is bunch-aritable.

39. A rude and inattentive grape is bunch-ivalrous.

40. Grapes send money to each other through GrapePal.

41. The TV show about grapes in a hospital is called Grape’s Anatomy.

42. When you cross a grape and a dog, you get a grape-hound.

43. Instead of digital currency, we use grapes. It’s called grape-tocurrency.

44. You have to get a grape on it.

45. One day, I’d like to visit the Grape Lakes.

46. It was a matter of grape concern.

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