55+ Hilarious Lemon Puns That Are Sour Funny


Lemons are sour citrus fruits that grow on trees. There are many ways to use lemons. Next time you encounter one, remember funny lemon puns.

One and a half lemons.
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Lemons are one of the most versatile fruits. You can use them in juices, salad dressings, and cleaning supplies.

Studies show that lemons are only nutritious and excellent for medicine and cosmetics. Lemons are spectacular.

If you’re ready for a good laugh, read the following lemon puns. They’re simply the zest.

Juicy lemon puns

1. Each morning, lemons say, “Let’s squeeze the day.”

2. Lemon-day comes after Sunday.

3. If you see an injured lemon, give it lemon-aid.

4. Two lemons started dating, and the zest is history.

Two lemons.
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5. Pre-historic lemons are dino-sours.

6. Don’t get me tarted.

7. Lemon tell you. You’re the zest.

8. I went to the door and said, “Lemon. It’s cold outside.”

9. This is a lemon-umental moment.

10. The lemon business made a lot of le-money.

11. It’s the zest le-month of the year.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

12. When you cross a primate with a lemon, you get a le-monkey.

13. We’re having game night. The first game is le-Monopoly.

14. She’s our new lemon-ager.

15. There are too lemon-y choices.

16. You have good lemon-ners.

17. I’m having lemon-chies.

18. This is their lemon-ifesto.

19. We’re traveling to le-Monte Carlo.

20. The city built an incredible lemon-ument.

21. He was reciting a great lemon-ologue.

22. The lemons are in a citrus relationship.

23. I’m going to the spa for a lemon-icure.

One and a half lemons.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

24. Did you read the lemon-uscript?

25. It was a lemon-ifestation of your beliefs.

26. I’m working on my le-mental toughness.

27. The store gave comp-lemon-tary samples.

28. I started taking supp-lemon-ts.

29. I’m in my e-lemon-t.

30. There’s inc-lemon-t weather.

31. E-lemon-ate bad habits.

32. The company required a pre-lemon-ary inspection.

33. A glowing lemon is lemon-escent.

34. A-lemon-um is a common metal.

35. We’re imp-lemon-ting new strategies.

36. Thanks for the comp-lemon-t.

37. I’m grateful for my le-mentor.

38. The company found a new lemon-ufacturer.

39. Be careful, it’s lemon-soon season.

40. Canadian lemons comes from le-Montreal.

41. A cold and stylish lemon wears le-Moncler jackets.

42. Lemon-itor it for a few weeks.

43. We don’t have a choice. It’s lemon-datory.

44. They lemon-ipulated the situation.

45. A scary lemon is a lemon-ster.

46. The lemon went to the doctor because it wasn’t peeling well.

47. The lemon lawyer said, “I zest my case.”

48. The baseball player responsible for bringing lemonade is the pitcher.

49. A reassuring lemon said, “Juice be you.”

50. Citrus got real.

51. After the lemon sneezed, it said, “Ex-squeeze me.”

Sliced lemon.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

52. The most famous lemon is John Lemon.

53. The lemon best friends tell each other, “You’re my main squeeze.”

54. If a lemon curd, it would.

55. It’s the wild zest.

56. Everyone lemon calm.

57. I got tired of lemon-dane work.

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